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Our membership data base is designed to provide you and us with a method of communicating with each other as rapidly as possible. To accomplish this we must have your email address. In keeping with our privacy policy we will not release this or any other personal information to anyone.  Unfortunately, despite our security measures, something was done to damage
this portion of the site.  Currently, the ability to logon and check for other members and communicate with them is not available.

To enter this secure site, you must be an active member of the Association. If you are not an active member you can join by completing our membership form and mailing it along with $5 to Northeast Catholic Alumni Association, Inc., P. O. Box 7005, Philadelphia, PA 19149-7005. Dues are payable on a fiscal year basis - July 1 through June 30, but you may join at any time.

If you wish to contact another member of the Association, your email message to him will be transmitted through our website host. He, in turn, can communicate with you in a similar manner. However, if either of you choose to relay your address in the body of an email message then you can communicate directly.

Once inside feel free to roam through our active members looking for old friends. Remember, you can't communicate unless the system shows that the person has registered his email address.

Good luck, good hunting and let us know what you think!


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