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The Third Decade

Ninety One Years in the Making!

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The Fifth Decade 1970-1979

The history of these years is taken from our 75th Anniversary History published in 2004

February 20, 1970 . . . One hundred and eighty-three retreatants arrive at St. Joseph's-in-the-Hills. A far cry from the three hundred that are expected. Once more, we are threatened by Malvern's Board with the loss of the weekend.

Our Annual Communion Breakfast is held at the school on Sunday, March 15th. Mass is concelebrated by Fathers Joseph W. Coyle and Robert Ashenbrenner, both members of the Oblates and the Class of 1944, which is the honor Class. The homily is preached by Father Ashenbrenner.

A little over four hundred attend, expecting to hear Captain Clarence Ferguson, famed Philadelphia detective, who is being honored with our Outstanding Achievement Award. Captain Ferguson takes ill the evening prior to the Breakfast and is unable to attend. His award is accepted by Staff Inspector Lawrence Love, '51, a member of the Board. Honorary memberships are presented to Jack Friel, NC Athletic Director, and long-time lay teacher Leo Donohue.

One of our graduates, Bill Plumley, '54, who appears under the stage-name of Billy Matthews, is toastmaster. The new coach of the Eagles, Jerry Williams, is on hand to fill us in on his plans for the future of the Birds. We're certain, after listening to Williams, that it won't be long before our team will be in the Super Bowl . . . oh, well - we've been wrong before.

A scrappy St. George quintet thoroughly trounces all of their opponents in our Tenth Annual Parochial Schools' Basketball Tourney. Tourney Director John Musial, '63 (who will direct this tourney, with one exception, over the next nine years), presents the MVP trophy to Mike Majka, of St. George's.

Scholarship Fund Chairman Rocco lacone, '55, announces that the Board of Trustees have selected Gerard J. Nejman, '70, as the recipient of this year's grant. Earlier, the Board of Governors had named the grant in memory of John W. Brecht, '30, the first alumni past-president to pass away. Mr. Nejman will enter the Oblates and matriculate at Allentown College.

One hundred and fifty alumni, friends and relatives of our war dead crowd the Faculty House Chapel for Mass. After Mass, Father Tye conducts a short service at the Shrine. The service is concluded with the laying of a wreath by Iacone and the blowing of taps. We adjourn to the cafeteria for the usual fare.

The six hundred and sixty-four members of the Class of 1970 join the ranks of the Alumni. We now number over 25,000.

President Iacone is upset in his bid for a second term by J. William Arnoldy, '38. With Arnoldy moving up to the presidency, his 1st vice-presidential seat is contested for by Cendrowski and Zegarski. Anthony J. Cendrowski, '57, is the victor. Frank Gleason, '53, wins the 2nd vice-presidency. It's getting monotonous, but Quinn and McKeown are unopposed again. Ray Rysak, '66, in his first bid for office, is unopposed for Assistant Secretary. Joe Mulcahy, '56, pulls an upset win over incumbent Ray Zegarski, '59, in the latter's bid for a second term as Assistant Treasurer.

We have been lucky so far...never have we had to cancel a picnic due to bad weather. There's a first-time for everything...and Alumni picnics are no exception. We were set for Olympia Lakes on June 21st. The day was overcast and it was drizzling. A few brave souls show up. However at 12:30 p.m., Chairman Cendrowski, in consultation with President Arnoldy, cancels the affair. We cheerfully (boo, hoo) refund the money of all who purchased tickets...and a lot of us are getting tired of eating peanuts.

Former Vice-President Ed Mooney, '32, passes away on July 2nd, Ed had been a member of the Board for almost sixteen years.

Three hundred and two alumni children and their parents join jolly old Saint Nick in singing up a storm at our Annual Christmas Party. Musical accompaniment is provided, once again, by organist Ann Barrett. Chairman Zegarski and his pixies provide the usual goodies for the December 6th shindig.

New Superior General

Another first for the Alumni! The Rev. William J. Ward, '32, is named Superior General of the Oblates of St. Francis deSales. He replaces the late Father William Buckley, Hon. '58, the first American to hold this office. Father Ward's new duties will take him to Rome. We wish him many years of fruitful work in his new position.

Attendance at the Malvern Retreat on the week-end of February 19th drops...nine less than last year's one hundred and eighty-two. C.A. Captain Bernie Bygott, '34, who resigned after the 1970 Retreat, is replaced by John Brady, '38. In view of the fact that Brady is not a Board member, Bygott is retained as Alumni chairman of the Retreat.

Tourney Director Paul Quinn, '36, announces that St. Edward's well-balanced quintet take all five of their games by wide margins to capture the crown in our annual basketball tourney. For the first time in history, the Director has two assistants - John Handly, '58, and John Musial, '63, who handle the mechanics of the tourney. Ascension places three members on the all-star team but MVP honors go to Dick Wright of the championship team.

The Class of 1945 is the honor Class at our Annual Communion Breakfast on March 28th. Mass is concelebrated by Fathers James P. Kelly, OSFS, Peter J. McNeill, OSFS, and Joseph J. Toner, OSFS, of the honor Class. They are joined by Father Maurice J. Duffy, '30, a Maryknoll missioner, who returns to Philadelphia to attend his first Communion Breakfast. Father Duffy spent many years overseas. The homily is preached by Father Toner, who in his spare time serves as vice-principal.

The four hundred and eighty-six in attendance experience a change of pace in the sports department at this year's Breakfast. For many years we have heard from various members of the, Gene Hart, the voice of the Philadelphia Flyers, is on hand to provide an insight into the future of our local skaters. Trading barbs with Hart is our almost perennial toastmaster "Mickey" Shaughnessy...we have to declare Shaughnessy the winner. At one juncture in the competition, he points out that the dais is listing to the a result of a mistake in the seating arrangements by McKeown and Knobbs - these fools placed Tony Cendrowski, '57, Hart and Leo Donohue, Hon. '70, on the same side of the rostrum...obviously too much tonnage.

Vince Leonard, KYW-TV anchorman, the recipient of our Outstanding Achievement Award, delivers the principal address. Mr. Leonard is honored for outstanding service as a newscaster and news analyst.

Also honored at the Breakfast are Father Bill Ward, OSFS, '32, as the recipient of our Outstanding Alumnus Award, which is accepted on his behalf by Father John Conmy, OSFS, '29; and Richard C. McGrath, '39, who is awarded a plaque commemorating twenty-five years of service on the Alumni Board of Governors. Dick, the first to be so honored, is still a member of the Board today (1979) and holds the longevity record as a Class Representative—thirty-three years and ten months!

The 1971 Memorial Scholarship Fund Grant, honoring Father Francis X. O'Donnell, OSFS, '29, former alumni moderator, is awarded to Henry W. Pendrak, '71. At the same meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Fund, May 5th, "Chick" Quinn declines renomination for the office of Treasurer...Len Knobbs, '53, succeeds him.

Almost two hundred attend our Annual Memorial Day Services. As a result of the Viet-Nam War, sadly, we have added thirty names to our plaques.

At the June elections, Bill Arnoldy, '38, is unopposed for a second term as president, as is Tony Cendrowski, '57, for the first vice-presidency. Frank Gleason, '53, handily defeats Ray Rysak, '66, to remain second vice-president. For the first time in many a moon, Paul Quinn has opposition. However, he defeats John Handley, '58, to maintain his winning streak. Treasurer Joe McKeown is unopposed for reelection. Two Rays (of light?) come onto the alumni scene...Rysak defeats three other candidates for the post of assistant secretary; while Zegarski, '59, returns to the post of assistant treasurer after a one-year absence.

Costs are rising! Attendance at the picnic suffers. At $1.50 for adults and seventy-five cents for kids, we feel it's a bargain...apparently the membership doesn't or are they concerned about the facilities. Only one hundred and seventy-two show up at Olympia Lakes on June 20th...Fathers' Day. Maybe that's another reason why attendance is dropping—people would rather be at home with Dad. Oh, well!!! those of us who show up have a great time.

At the October Board meeting, Frank Gleason and John Plunkett, '44, move that henceforth the senior classes be exempted from payment of their first year's alumni dues. They will be carried as active members. The motion is approved with two negative votes and two members abstaining.

School Benefits

The Finance Committee reports, at the December meeting, on a proposal of Assistant Executive Secretary Len Knobbs, '53. The proposal would allocate $750.00 or twenty percent of our net annual income, whichever is larger, as a donation to the school. The check would be presented at our Annual Communion Breakfast. Chairman Charlie Malone, '30, on behalf of the Finance Committee, recommends approval. Accordingly, after a motion by Knobbs and Bill McCormac, '61, the Board concurs with one abstention.

Santa (Ed McNamee, '41) Claus comes to town on December 12th...early, you say...NO—that's when he visits the more than three hundred alumni children in North's auditorium. Moderator, Father John Tye, OSFS, '29, and President Bill Arnoldy, '38, officially welcome him on behalf of the Association. The kids and their parents have a great day.

John J. Gallagher, '31, former member of the Board of Governors, is named president of Beneficial Savings Bank. Another alumnus makes good.

The Malvern Retreat attendance is on the upswing. We show an increase of twenty-three over last year - we hit the two hundred mark.

Our Annual Communion Breakfast on March 19th honors the Class of 1946. Concelebrants of the Mass are Fathers James P. Harvey, OSFS, the principal celebrant and a former member of the Board of Governors, Thomas J. Hopkins, OSFS, Joseph P. Moran, Joseph J. Griffin, OSFS, and William J. Nessel, OSFS. Father Nessel is the homilist.

Alumnus Billy (Plumley, '54) Matthews handles the toastmaster chores. Former all-pro and football Hall of Famer "Chuck" Bednarik delights his audience with tales of the glory days of the Eagles.

Pennsylvania's nationally known Insurance Commissioner and consumer advocate. Dr. Herbert S. Denenberg, is on hand to receive our Outstanding Achievement Award for his service to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In his address, Dr. Denenberg pushes for the adoption of "no fault" auto insurance. Four hundred and ninety-eight are in attendance - our best since '69.

President Arnoldy presents a check in the amount of $750.00 to Father William Guerin, '47, representing a portion of our annual commitment to the school.

A well coordinated quintet from the Ascension overpowers a scrappy St. Adalbert's team to cop the 1972 Parochial Schools' Tourney title. Led by MVP Tom McCusker, who scores 104 points in four games, Ascension completely dominates the tourney.

John B. Frank, '72, is awarded the $2,000 grant from the Scholarship Fund. This year's grant honors Father John F. Tocik, Hon. '56. The Fund now has assets of $31,000.

At our annual Board dinner-meeting, held on May 11th at Kings' Caterers, Father Conmy is our honored guest. He is presented with an engraved pen and pencil set by President Arnoldy. Father has retired as provincial and will return to the Childs' Novitiate, his first love.

More than two hundred relatives, friends and alumni attend our Annual Memorial Day Services held on campus. The Faculty House Chapel is jammed...we put chairs along the aisles. Father Tye celebrates Mass and delivers a short homily at services following in front of the Shrine. Then...we take a short walk around the building to the cafeteria for a repast of coffee and buns.

The Board returns Bill Arnoldy, '38, to office for a third term. Bill O'Connell, '34, defeats incumbent 1st V.P. Tony Cendrowski. Frank Gleason is reelected Second Vice-President in a close (32-30) win over Joe Madden, '43, Secretary Quinn, Treasurer McKeown and Assistant Secretary Rysak are unopposed. In a three-way race for the post of Assistant Treasurer, William J. McCormac, '61, emerges victorious.

A Winner!

After more than twenty years of participation in the Cahill Field Drawing, we finally have a winner - Richard J. Gordon, Esq,, '38. President Arnoldy presents him with a check in the amount of $5,100.

Our annual picnic is scheduled for June 18th at a new site - Sunshine Lake. However, the sun does not shine; in fact, it pours liquid sunshine. It doesn't faze us a bit...we reschedule for August 13th.

The day dawns bright and sunny in Kresson, NJ...but in Philly, it is another story...more rain, and rain, and rain. The timid stay at home and miss a wonderful day. From among the one hundred and fifty in attendance, we are able to secure enough softball players to field our old timers and youngsters teams. A double-header results...with the Meat-heads (youngsters) sweeping both ends from the Bunkers.

A committee is appointed to raise funds for the Scholarship Fund; headed by Jack Junod, '52, with Ed Sutton, '45, and Charlie Learmouth, '70, as members. They suggest, at the September meeting, that the Association sponsor a trip to Hawaii...the Board agrees. A second proposal (to sell Metro V.1.P. passbooks, which entitle the user to discounts at various restaurants, theatres and sporting events) is likewise authorized. All profits will accrue to the Scholarship Fund.

The Board of Trustees of the Fund, at their Fall meeting, adopt a change in the Fund's Constitution and By-Laws which will allow recipients of the grants to attend - in addition to Allentown College of St. Francis de Sales - LaSalle College, St. Joseph's, Villanova University and St. Charles Seminary College.

The change is brought before the October meeting of the Board of Governors for ratification. After a general discussion, it is approved by a vote of thirty-seven to one...however, six members qualify their "yes" votes, by asking that the Trustees consider opening the grants to all Philadelphia metropolitan area colleges. Arnoldy assures the Board, that as Chairman of the Fund, he will place the request on the agenda of the Trustee's next meeting.

America's first Oblate and one of our first honorary members - the Very Rev. Canon J. Francis Tucker, Hon. '34, passes to his eternal reward. Father Tucker will long be remembered by the Classes of the early thirties as their Annual Retreat Master and by all alumni as a devoted fan of our Association. He was laid to rest in the Oblate Cemetery at Childs on Monday, November 6, 1972.

In the absence of President Arnoldy, Vice-President Bill O'Connell, '34, welcomes two hundred and thirty-eight alumni kiddies to our annual party on December 17th. "Santa" (Ed McNamee, '41) is assisted by his able pixies (Ray Zegarski, '59, Tony Cendrowski, '57, Bill McCormac, '61, and Ray Rysak, '66) in distributing the toys and refreshments to those in attendance.

Francis J. "Tim" Dunleavy, '32, is named president of International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation. ITT is the world's largest conglomerate and the nation's ninth largest industrial corporation. "Tim" is a former member of the Board of Governors.

February 16-18, 1973...Two hundred and twenty strong we arrive at Malvern. Another increase in attendance...but a far cry from the three hundred needed to fill the Retreat House. Jack Junod, '52, is chairman with John Brady, '38, as C.A. Captain.

Our first trip, if you don't count the Wildwood conventions of the '30's, takes off on March 3rd. And we mean takes off...twenty-one, which includes wives and friends, jet to Honolulu to spend eight wonderful days basking in the Hawaiian sun.

Just prior to our Annual Communion Breakfast, our beloved moderator, Father John B. Tye, resigns due to ill health. He is succeeded by Father John J. Green, OSFS, '35.

Five hundred and five attend the Breakfast on April 8th. Mass, in the auditorium, is concelebrated by the clergy members of the honor Class of 1947. They include: Fathers William A. Guerin, Joseph J. McKenna, the principal celebrant, and Thomas P. Finnegan, who delivers the homily...all are Oblates of St. Francis deSales.

We meet for the first time our new moderator, Father Green, who directs most of his short speech to praising the work of Father Tye over the past twelve and a half years.

The principal address, with law and order as the topic, is delivered by Outstanding Achievement Award recipient, Arlen Spector. Mr. Spector, District Attorney of Philadelphia, had served as counsel to the Warren Commission.

WCAU's popular talk-show moderator, Dominic Quinn, is the toastmaster. Ron Porter, Phila. Eagles' linebacker, gives us our annual up-to-date report on the fortunes of our local pro football team.

Father Joseph P. Eisenbarth, OSFS, Hon. '55, is named an Outstanding Alumnus. Father, who well deserves this award, is the seventh recipient since it was established in 1960.

Vice-President Bill O'Connell, filling in for Arnoldy, presents the championship trophy to the Holy Innocents quintet. This marks the third time in thirteen years that they have captured the title. Ceremonies are held in the gym following the final game on March 25th. Tourney Directors Len Knobbs, '53, and John Musial, '63, present the MVP trophy to Lou Sigmund of Holy Innocents.

The annual Board dinner-meeting is held on May 10th at Kings'. It is a testimonial for Father Tye...the wives are invited. Almost one hundred and twenty Board members, their wives and girlfriends, show up to honor Father Tye. He is presented an honorarium by President Arnoldy on behalf of the Association for his years of service.

President Arnoldy informs the Board, at this meeting, that the Trustees have selected Stephen J. Connor, '73, as the recipient of the 1973 scholarship grant, which is named in honor of Father J. Francis Tucker. Coincidentally, Connor will enter the Oblates and matriculate at Allentown College. The grant is expanded to $4,000.

Concelebrated Mass

Our Memorial Day Mass is concelebrated for the first time. Father Green is the principal celebrant; with Fathers Robert P. Hanlon, '43, William J. Nessel, '46, and James J. McGuire, '34, concelebrating. Due to the rain, services normally held in front of Our Lady's Shrine, are conducted indoors.

With Arnoldy ineligible for another term as president, the prospects of a wide-open race are present. However, it turns out there is only one nominee - Francis J. Gleason, '53. What was a rarity in fact in 1979, all of our presidential nominees since '73 have been unopposed for the office.

Tony Cendrowski reverses last year's results...he defeats incumbent O'Connell to regain the first vice-presidency. Ray Zegarski, '59, is elected Second Vice-President without opposition. Treasurer McKeown and Assistant McCormac are unopposed...likewise, Assistant Secretary Rysak.

John Handley offers a strong challenge to Paul Quinn for the post of Secretary. Seventy-six votes are cast and Quinn narrowly wins by only four votes.

In his inaugural address, Gleason notes that it has been almost ten years since the By-Laws have been revised and there have been many questions concerning them in recent years. To this end, he appoints a committee headed by classmate Len Knobbs. Another point he alludes to is the current status of our activities program...he appoints Vice-President Cendrowski to head a committee, to be known as Ways and Means, which will attempt to do exactly what the name implies look for methods to raise attendance at our affairs and improve our financial stability.

He further states: "Unless this committee is successful, we may well have the dues increase that was suggested by last year's Finance Committee. In addition, we have a crying need for better equipment in our office and we can't, at this time, afford to purchase it."

The 1973 picnic is cancelled. Reason...unavailability of a suitable site.

A bombshell hits us...the oil crisis. Father William Guerin, OSFS, '47, North's principal, informs Gleason that due to the tremendous increase in the price of heating oil, use of the school facilities will be curtailed. If we use the school for our affairs, we will have to pay a rental fee. The schedule of fees is read to the Board. There is great consternation among the members. Gleason advises the committee chairmen, whose affairs will be directly affected, to review their programs to see if their continuance is warranted.

President Gleason has further meetings with Father Guerin concerning the rentals. An agreement is reached. We will pay $800.00 - to cover the Christmas Party and the Communion Breakfast. The Basketball Tourney will be cancelled.

On October 14th, we suffer an immeasurable loss. Father Joseph P. Eisenbarth, OSFS, Hon. '55, former alumni coordinator, passes away. A Mass of Christian Burial is concelebrated in the Faculty House Chapel by Bishop Thomas J. Welsh, auxiliary bishop of Philadelphia, and thirty-eight of Father's Oblate confreres. The eulogy is delivered by fellow member of the Austrian Province, Father George Krupa, OSFS.

As we related earlier in this history, but it certainly bears repeating, Father was almost single-handedly responsible for setting up and maintaining the alumni records, particularly during the war years. For this we owe him much more than can be described by this writer in mere words. May he rest in peace with the Lord he served so well.

At the November Board meeting, Cendrowski delivers the report of the Ways and Means Committee. They have two proposals, one new and one old. The old, they suggest the return to our Spring affair...not as a dance, but as a Social. It would feature dancing and would include drinks, eats, etc. Specifically, they move that the Party be held in April at Kings' Caterers at a price of ten bucks per person. The Board agrees wholeheartedly.

"999" Club Recommended

The new event would be an extension of our already successful "200" Club. It would be known as the "999" Club. The operation would involve mailing a blank ticket to our active membership and to those who had been active in the past five years - approximately 10,000 in all. Each potential member would, in turn, select his own three-digit number from "001" to "999" and return it to us along with ten dollars.

Each week, for nine weeks, we would select a $500 winner. On the tenth week, the prize would be $5,000. Total cost of running the Club would be approximately $9,900. Cendrowski further explained "that he and Len Knobbs had worked extensively on all angles of the proposal and while he was not asking for a motion to adopt the program at tonight's meeting, he felt the Board should strongly consider the proposal." He went on to state: "We currently net $1,700 on the "200" Club, thus we would have to sell eleven hundred "999" tickets to stay even with previous years. The committee feels we can do this easily." "Eventually," he concluded, "we envision the "999" Club replacing the Cahill Drawing as our major fund raiser."

Attendance at our Annual Christmas Party on December 9th is the lowest ever. Only one hundred and eighty children, along with their parents. We have a new Santa and an unlikely one, at that - Joe McKeown, '33. None the less, he manages to charm the far, all of our Santas have been Irish. Does that tell you something?

Due to the pressure of school business, Father John Green, '35, resigns as moderator. He is replaced by a classmate, Father Francis J. Quaile, OSFS.

The Constitution and By-Law Revision Committee presents its report at the January meeting. Among the major changes recommended are: Adding third and fourth vice-presidents and a historian to the row offices; increasing the number of years the president must have served on the Board of Governors from three to five with at least three of those being immediately prior to his election to the presidency.

Candidates for the first and second vice-presidencies, the secretary and treasurer will have to have been Board members for three years, two immediately prior to their election; and all other officers will have to be members for two years, one immediately prior.

The duties of the vice-presidents are altered to make them directly responsible to the president for a specific number of committees for which they will act as his liaison. And for the first time, a detailed procedure is spelled out governing the method by which the executive officers will be elected.

The proposed amendments are approved unanimously by the Board and will be presented to the General Membership, prior to the Communion Breakfast, for ratification.

We top last year's attendance by one...Two hundred and twenty-one men journey to St. Joseph's-in-the-Hills on the week-end of February 15th. Joe Donlin, '52, replaces classmate Junod as Chairman while John Brady, '38, continues as C.A. Captain.

Just prior to the Communion Breakfast, we suffer the loss of another past-president...Charles E. Malone, '30, passes away on March 21, 1974. Malone was our twelfth president, serving from 1960 to 1961. At the time of his death, Charlie had been very active on the Board of the Scholarship Fund; in addition to his always intense interest in the Association. He had served on the Board of Governors for over seventeen years.

By-Laws Revised

The General Membership Meeting is called to order at 9:00 a.m. on the morning of March 31st by President Gleason. After his opening remarks, he turns the podium over to Len Knobbs, '53, as Chairman of the Constitutional Amendment Committee. Each change is read to the four hundred and eighty-six in attendance and Knobbs fields questions on the proposed changes from the floor. It is pointed out that this is the first major revision since 1953. Ultimately, the changes are overwhelmingly (better than seventy percent) approved by the electorate.

Fathers Dennis G. Murphy and Thomas F. Daly, both Oblates and members of the honor Class of 1948, concelebrate the Mass with Father Murphy preaching the homily.

After an absence of two years, "Mickey" Shaughnessy returns as Toastmaster. He delights his audience, as he describes his school days under the Irish Sisters of Mercy. The speakers committee provides a real treat (doubleheader, in fact). The sports speaker is Don Earle, radio and TV announcer of the Philadelphia Flyers, who is a last minute stand-in for Coach Fred Shero. His absence is excusable...his Flyers are deeply involved in the Stanley Cup play-offs. And Earle turns out to be quite a prognosticator, when in answer to a question from the audience, he states: "The Flyers are a young team, they have the guts, spirit and determination to go all the way."

Rolfe Neill, the editor of the Philadelphia Daily News, is the recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award for his crusading journalism. In his address, Neill states: "I am proud to be honored by an organization that is willing to stand up for its faith and beliefs, it is a rarity in today's world. Let me congratulate and honor you gentlemen for having the courage of your convictions; and for your dedication to educating youth."

Needless to say, Mr. Neill is treated to a standing ovation. A small aside, Mr. Neill puts his money where his mouth is. In less than a week, we receive a donation from him for the Scholarship Fund.

Paul Quinn, '36, is honored for his twenty-five years as a member of the Board of Governors.

The Social Nite held on April 19th at Kings' attracts one hundred and two couples. Those who attend have a really enjoyable evening.

The Trustees of the Fund meet early in May and select Richard J. Piekarski, '74, as the recipient. The Grant is named in memory of Thomas J. Smith, marking the first time since the original grant in '69 that an individual has donated sufficient funds to name a grant. The recipient also achieves a first...the first to attend a school other than Allentown...he will matriculate at LaSalle. Len Knobbs, '53, is reelected to a second term as Treasurer of the Fund.

At the May meeting of the Board, Cendrowski points out that "the Social was a financial success; and a social success in that everyone who attended had a good time. However, only twenty of eighty Board members supported the affair and if future events sponsored by the Association are to be successful, it will take greater participation by the Board."

Under new business, the Board approves the institution of the "999" club. It will officially begin in September with the first drawing to be held in October.

June, 1974...the first election under our new procedure and the first in which we will elect our three new officers. There has been one candidate nominated for each office. However, the Election Committee reports that write-in votes have been received for a different candidate in each of the eleven row elections. Thus, they are elected overwhelmingly but not unanimously. Our new officers are: President Francis J. Gleason, '53, 1st Vice-President Anthony J. Cendrowski, '57, Second Vice-President Raymond P. Zegarski, '59, Third Vice-President John T. Musial, '63, Fourth Vice-President William J. McCormac, '61, Secretary Paul D. Quinn, '36, Treasurer Joseph E. McKeown, '33, Assistant Secretary Raymond E. Rysak, '66, First Assistant Treasurer Leonard F. Knobbs, '53, Second Assistant Treasurer Edward R. Jaskowiak, '66, and Historian John F. Handley, '58.

Father Guerin, who has been named Treasurer of Allentown College, is replaced as principal by Father Joseph J. Toner, OSFS, of the Class of 1945.

The Picnic is back...thanks to former President Paul Kelly, '34, who suggested the site to the committee. June 30th is the date and the place is Lake Lisheoras, a private lake and picnic grove in Bordentown, N.J. The grove is just off the Jersey Turnpike and while it took us about forty minutes to get there from North, the drive was well worth it. Picture a lush rolling green landscape, plenty of tables, a cool inviting lake...and a hundred and ninety-nine friends on hand.

Chairman John Musial aptly describes it as "a country club setting." To hold down costs, we've done away with the games, save for softball, but have included in the price of the ticket, free beer and birch-beer. Speaking of softball, the Bunkers avenge their earlier losses to the Meatheads and trounce them rather handily...all we needed was a change of scenery.

Our interim moderator, Father Quaile is replaced by Father Jim Behan, OSFS, '62.

Alumni Cruises

Nineteen couples and two stags (one male, one female) sail from New York City on October 5th aboard the SS Oceanic bound for Nassau. Despite a hurricane encountered on the southbound leg of the cruise, the Alumni travelers pledge to "do it again." Chairman Ed Sutton, '45, arranged for bus transportation to and from our port of departure. One of the highlights of the trip is a cocktail party held for the North Catholic group by the ship's captain.

As a result of the party being advertised in the ship's paper, we meet two North Catholic alumni, who are travelling independent of our group.

Our Annual Social is rescheduled for Thanksgiving eve. It is dubbed the Homecoming Social and is promoted in conjunction with the North-Frankford game the following day, in the hope that it will attract greater participation. One hundred and four spend the evening at Kings' drinking, dancing and reminiscing about past Falcon-Pioneer clashes.

Former alumni moderator Father Harry J. Quinn, OSFS, Hon. '35, passes away on December 4th. Father served as moderator for six years (1934-40).

President Gleason reports, at the December meeting of the Board, that Father Toner, principal, has established a steering committee for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the school. The members of that committee, in addition to Father as General Chairman, are Gleason - representing the Alumni, Leo Donohue, Hon. '70, representing the faculty, and Pat Carr representing the Fathers' and Mothers' Association (FAMA).

An innovation at the 1975 Christmas Party is the introduction of live entertainment, in the person of the world renowned clown, Nat Litt. He is presented to the audience, assembled at North on December 22nd, by President Gleason.

Litt mesmerizes his juvenile audience, and quite a few of the parents, with his transformation from mere man to "Nat the Clown." As the clown, he further delights the kiddies by shaping balloons into various animals which he presents to the children.

Another new Santa Claus...but, he's still Irish!...Jim Flanagan, '47. The usual refreshments and toys are presented to the one hundred and eighty-three children by Chairman Ray Zegarski, '59, and his assistants.

The day following, the first Grand Prize Drawing in our "999" Club is held. The winner...Albin P. Dixon II, a teacher at North. He receives a check, in the amount of $5,000, from Frank Gleason.

The week-end of February 14th marks the thirty-seventh consecutive time we travel to Malvern. The trip to the Chester County Retreat House is made by two hundred and seventeen men.

The Class of 1949 is honored at our Annual Communion Breakfast on March 16. Concelebrants of the Mass, all members of the honor Class, are Oblate Fathers Richard Cleary, Thomas Langan and Daniel McCloskey; and the Very Rev. Cyril Guise, OCD. Father Langan is the principal celebrant and homilist.

Following Mass, the four hundred and sixty in attendance adjourn to the cafeteria for our annual repast of ham and eggs. Our stomachs satisfied, we lean back, relax and listen to Toastmaster Bill Matthews, alias Plumley, '54, spin his usual ethnic yarns.

Former All-Pro wide-receiver Tommy McDonald represents the sports world. Tom regales his audience with tales of his exploits both on and off the field.

The principal address is delivered by Richard A. Sprague, Esq. Mr. Sprague is on hand to receive our annual Outstanding Achievement Award for his service to the American justice system. Sprague, nationally famed prosecutor, is best known for his successful prosecution of W. A. (Tony) Boyle, UMW President, in the Yablonski murder case.

Also honored on this occasion are the Very Rev. Daniel G. Gambet, Oblate Provincial, and Fathers Herman Buckley and Leon Wisniewski. They are presented honorary memberships in the Association, Class of 1975, by President Gleason, on behalf of the Board of Governors.

After a lapse of fourteen years, the St. Joan of Arc quintet recaptures our annual basketball tourney title. Amazingly, they have the same coach, Frank Hennessey, '52. Completely dominating their opposition, they breeze through their four games en route to the crown, led by MVP Ed Stine.

The 1975 Scholarship Grant, honoring Father Eisenbarth, is presented to David J. Bryant, '75. Bryant will attend LaSalle College and major in accounting.

At our annual Board dinner-meeting on May 8th, at Kings' Caterers, Father John J. Hurley, moderator and coach of North's U.N. debating team, is presented with honorary membership in the Association.

Less than one hundred people attend our Annual Memorial Day Services at Our Lady's Shrine. Mass, preceding the services, is concelebrated in the Faculty House Chapel by Alumni Moderator Father Jim Behan and Vice-Principal, Father Joe McKenna, '47. After the services, our guests are treated to coffee and cake in the cafeteria.

The incumbent officers, with one exception - Paul Quinn, are unopposed. Mr. Secretary Quinn, as usual, defeats his opposition by two-to-one. At this June meeting, the Board, cognizant of the increased work-load in the Alumni Office, increases the expense allowances of the Executive Secretary and his Assistant.

The picnickers return to Lake Lisheoras on June 29. Attendance increases to over two hundred.

The "999" Club is kicked off in September. Participation increases. The Board discusses the feasibility of replacing Cahill with the "999" Club.

At the November meeting the Board of Governors, Fund Treasurer Len Knobbs informs those in attendance that the Trustees of the Fund have added a second grant, valued at $2,000. Ed Guinan, '37, chairman of the Finance Committee delivers the committee's recommendation that the Cahill Drawing be dropped in favor of the "999" Club. The Board agrees unanimously...although there is a strong rumor that one Board member shed quite a few tears.

President Gleason reports that the 50th Anniversary Banquet will be held on October 3, 1976 at the Sheraton Hotel. In connection with the celebration, an ad book and a separate history book will be published. A concelebrated Mass at the Cathedral will precede the Banquet.

"Swigardo & Rockie"

The 1975 Christmas Party marked the first appearance of Swigardo (Jim Swiggard, '48). Swigardo, a magician, astounded the youngsters with his presidigitory feats. One or two youngsters lost their heads. An accomplished ventriloquist, he brought along his friend Rockie, who taunted him unmercifully until he was confined to his suitcase by a kindly Mrs. Swiggard. More than two hundred and fifty youngsters are delighted by the appearance of Santa (Ed Lutz, '40)...hey, no Irishman for a change.

"844" is the winning number in our second "999" Club grand drawing. President Gleason presents a check for five grand to the sole holder of that number - Mrs. Eileen A. Newhouse, daughter of former Board member Ed Murphy, '31.

Oblate Anniversary

February 1, 1976...the Oblate Community at Northeast Catholic commemorates the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of the order with a Solemn Mass of Thanksgiving. The thirty-eight priest members of the community join Bishop Martin N. Lohmuller, '37, Oblate Superior General - Father William Ward, OSFS, '32, and Provincial - Father Gambet at the altar. Father William P. Gallagher, '48, is the homilist.

Following Mass, a social is held in the cafeteria for the more than eight hundred friends of the Oblates who attend.

Previously, the Board has authorized the transfer of one thousand dollars of our Keystone Fund holdings to the Wilmington-Philadelphia Province of the Oblates. The transfer certificate is presented to Father Gambet, at the social, by President Frank Gleason, '53.

Attendance at our annual retreat at Malvern on the weekend of February 20th totals two hundred. Because St. Joseph's-in-the-Hills will be used to house pilgrims for the Eucharistic Congress this coming summer, many weekends have been combined. We are joined with the Philadelphia Electric group...combined attendance exceeds three hundred, leading the Malvern Board of Directors to suggest that we consider a permanent merger of the groups. Initial reaction from the North Catholic group is in the negative...we assure Malvern that we can fill the retreat house and set about to achieve that goal within the next five years.

Plans for the 50th Anniversary of the school are progressing. The subcommittees (Banquet arrangements under Len Knobbs, '53, Ad Book - Joe McKeown, '33, and Mass arrangements headed by Ray Zegarski, '59) are hard at work.

Our office has been located in the Faculty House basement since the early fifties...and nothing has been done over the years to improve the appearance...and it quite evidently shows it. Our office equipment is in need of replacement - most of it is almost forty years old. Len Knobbs offers to renovate the office, if the Board will authorize the purchase of the materials. Father Thomas Hopkins, '46, Superior of the House, has authorized the remodeling. The Finance Committee recommends a $7,500.00 appropriation which will include $6,500 worth of new office equipment. The Board concurs. The purchase of this equipment saves the Association hundreds of dollars in the long run, since we now do most of our own printing.

The Association sponsors a Monte Carlo Nite on March 13th. It is held in the school cafeteria from nine 'til one. By prior agreement of the Board, the net profit from the affair will be split three ways - equally among the Oblates, the school and the Association. Our initial venture nets $2,085.15. We donate seven hundred bucks each to the school and the Oblates.

Donation Increases

At the March meeting of the Board of Governors, the Finance Committee recommends that our annual donation to the school be increased to a minimum of $1,000.00. The recommendation is accepted by the Board unanimously. President Gleason, realizing that it has been twenty years since a complete review of our activities has been conducted, appoints a committee, headed by Len Knobbs, '53, to undertake this comprehensive study. He further directs that he would like this report before he leaves office in June.

Our Annual Communion Breakfast is held on April 4th. The Honor Class is the Class of 1950. Mass is concelebrated by Fathers Thomas J. Gillespie, OSFS, James F. Byrne, OSFS, and Edward Bucia. The homilist is Father Byrne.

Tony Santoro, popular emcee on the Philly night club scene is the Toastmaster. From the sports world, we are treated to Bill "Popeye" Dunstan, who, in as few words as is humanly possible filled us in on the current Eagles' least, we think he did - those of us that could hear him.

If we are disappointed in Dunstan, we are ecstatic over Barney Morris, ex-WCAU television newscaster, who is the recipient of our Outstanding Achievement Award. Shortly after he was selected to receive the award for his outstanding reporting of the news, Morris was dropped by the station for "bad ratings" - we agonize over our decision. Morris offers to step down...the committee declines his offer, they are certain he is deserving of the honor. And the three hundred thirty-six who attend the Breakfast agree. When Mr. Morris finishes his address there is a moment of absolute silence and then they explode - in thunderous applause. The committee has been vindicated in their choice. We can only agree...Barney Morris is truly a man of Outstanding Achievement - as a man dedicated to his principles.

At the April meeting, the Board is informed by Evaluation Committee Chairman Len Knobbs, that each activity of the Association has been assigned to a subcommittee, which will thoroughly investigate all aspects of the affair and then report to the committee of the whole. They, in turn, will discuss the subcommittee recommendations fully; and explore all avenues before making a final report to the Board at their June meeting.

Gleason, as Scholarship Fund Chairman, informs the Board that the 1976 Grants, honoring Father Harry Quinn, OSFS, Hon. '35, have been awarded to Michael P. Ditchkofsky, '76, and Joseph J. Gaul, '76. Both young men will attend Allentown College and Ditchkofsky will enter the Oblates.

Renovation of the Alumni Office is proceeding according to schedule. It is going to require additional money. The Board authorizes an additional five hundred dollars.

Attendance at our Annual Memorial Day Services increases to one hundred and thirty. Fathers Behan and Hopkins concelebrate Mass in the Chapel. Services at Our Lady's Shrine are conducted by Father Behan. Coffee and cake are served in the school cafeteria by Chairman John Handley, '58, and his committee.

Evaluation Study Released

The Evaluation Committee mails a six-page report to every Board member. The report is an in-depth study of the Association and its activities. Every facet has been dissected by the various subcommittees and their recommendations provide for both short and long range goals for the Association.

The report calls for increased aid to the school in the form of an additional $1,000 donation that will go to aid a specific department of the school. It asks the Board to increase its annual donation to the Scholarship Fund to $2,500, in return for which the Trustees of the Fund will be asked to create a $2,000 grant to a student to attend Northeast Catholic and a $2,000 grant to be awarded to the son/daughter of a dues' paying alumnus to attend one of the five institutions covered by the Fund. Acceptance of these two items by the Fund Trustees will require amending the Fund's Constitution and its articles of incorporation.

It emphasizes that the members of the Board should be workers for the Association, not mere by-standers. Their active participation, in all areas, is essential to the future of the Association.

Specifically, it recommends that the prize structure of the "999" Club be increased to $1,000 weekly with a tenth week grand prize of $10,000; and that tickets be mailed to all members of record of the Association. The Falconer should be modernized. The Communion Breakfast should be changed to a Dinner to allow for wider participation; it was felt a dinner would afford more of our younger men with families an opportunity to attend, in addition to making it easier for suburbanites to get to the affair without getting up at an ungodly hour of the morning.

The Christmas party should provide actual food, in the form of hamburgers, soft drinks, etc.; wrap the presents for the kids which should provide a more Christmassy atmosphere. The picnic, socials, and Monte Carlo Nite should be continued so long as they are economically feasible.

Both the Parochial Schools' Basketball Tourney and Memorial Day Services should be continued as good-will gestures. The former to the school and the latter to the memory of our departed brothers.

The underlying theme of the whole report, however, is that it stresses that personal participation of each and every Board member is essential to the well-being of the Association.

After lengthy debate on each section of the report, it is adopted by the board. In fact, the discussion on the report consumes so much time that, this being the June meeting, a five-minute recess is ordered prior to the election of officers. Election Committee Chairman Ed Guinan, '37, informs the Board that the following officers have been elected unanimously Anthony J. Cendrowski, '57, President; William J. McCormac, '61, Third Vice-President; Paul D. Quinn, '36, Secretary; Joseph E. McKeown, '33, Treasurer; Leonard F. Knobbs, '53, First Assistant Treasurer; John F. Handley, '58, Assistant Secretary, and Francis J. Gleason, '53, Historian. There is only one nominee for each of the other offices, but write-in votes have been received which precludes unanimous election. However, they are elected by landslide proportions. Those officers are First Vice-President Raymond P. Zegarski, '59, Second Vice-President Johh T. Musial, '63, Fourth Vice-President Raymond E. Rysak, '66, and Second Assistant Treasurer Anthony J. Colletta, '72. Colletta is the first man from a class in the seventies to hold an executive office in the Association.

Shortly after the election, our Moderator, Father Behan has a change of assignments within the school which will leave him precious little time for extra-curricular activities. He resigns and is replaced by Father Edward J. Simons, OSFS, '34.

One hundred and fifty alumni and friends attend our annual picnic at Lake Lisheoras. June 13th is the date, and although it's very early in the season, the day is hot and humid. Worn out by the efforts of losing another one to the youngsters, the old-timers are lured by the cool, clear waters of the lake very early in the afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stieber, the parents of Donald F., '72, and Michael A., '73, win the $5,000 grand prize in our "999" Club Drawing. A check is presented to them, at ceremonies held in the Alumni Office, by President Cendrowski.

Throughout the summer months, work progresses on the rehabilitation of the Alumni Office. It is starting to shape up. Knobbs is assisted in his endeavors by his son Steve and Board member Jim Flanagan, '47. Even Executive Secretary-Treasurer Joe McKeown, '33, is pressed into service on occasion.

In conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the school, we have scheduled a cocktail party for the faculty and their ladies. An impending strike by the lay teachers forces us to postpone it until October.

The joy and anticipation surrounding the approaching 50th Anniversary Celebration is dimmed when we learn of the death of Father Tye on September 1 following a long illness. Father, who served as Moderator longer than any priest in our history, had been in a coma for almost a year.

A retired Colonel in the Army Chaplain Corps, Father earned the Silver Star in 1945, "for endangering his own life while caring for the wounded under enemy fire."

Members of the Board form a Guard of Honor at his bier at the viewing held in the Faculty House Chapel. The following day, many of us accompanied his earthly remains to their final resting place in the Oblate Cemetery at Childs, Md.

Fund Expanded

Early in September, the Trustees of the Fund hold their meeting and accept the Association's offer of increased funding in return for the establishment of the two additional grants. They adopt the necessary changes to the Constitution and By-Laws and forward them to the Board of Governors for ratification. The first undergraduate grants are presented to Soph Paul Pakstis and Freshman Anthony Wright.

At the Board meeting on September 9th, the changes are ratified and shortly thereafter, Fund Chairman Tony Cendrowski informs Attorney Bill Coyle, '56, to file the necessary changes in our corporate charter with the Secretary of the Commonwealth in Harrisburg.

The Finance Committee recommends to the Board that we transfer Five Thousand Dollars in Keystone Funds to the school as a Fiftieth Birthday gift. The Board agrees unanimously.

His Eminence John Cardinal Krol, Hon. '67, is the principal celebrant and homilist at the school's 50th Anniversary Mass. Cardinal Krol is assisted at the Mass by school principal, Father Toner and Oblate Provincial, Father Gambet. Father Douglas Smith, OSFS, chairman of the Religion Department, is Master of Ceremonies; and the readings are by immediate past-president Frank Gleason, '53, and Mrs. Lee Gaul, FAMA Secretary. The Cathedral is packed almost to capacity by alumni and friends of Northeast Catholic High School. Cardinal Krol, in his homily, highly commends Northeast Catholic as being a prime example of Catholic education. He states that he is proud of the school, her traditions and her alumni. Chairman Ray Zegarski, '59, and his Mass Committee are to be congratulated for a job well done.

After Mass, we all take a short walk down 19th Street to the Sheraton Hotel, where all is in readiness for the grand banquet. Prior to dinner, we whet our appetites with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.

Dinner is filet mignon with all the necessary accessories, accompanied by a good hearty burgundy wine. After dinner, the piece de resistance...flaming baked alaska. Our dinners have not quite settled in our stomachs when we begin to laugh uproariously at the stories of inimitable Toastmaster Bil Keane, '40. Amid the stories, he takes time to introduce our head table guests.

President Cendrowski, on behalf of the entire Association, presents Father Toner with our "birthday present;" he also conveys the thanks of over 30,000 alumni to the Oblates and the school for the education they have received.

Father Toner accepts for the school; and is also the recipient of engraved resolutions, from the State House of Representatives and the City of Philadelphia, honoring the school on its Fiftieth Anniversary.

Special Awards

Highlight of the evening, for the more than seven hundred in attendance, is the presentation, by the school, of eight awards. The recipients have been selected from among many nominees, by the steering committee. The honorees and the organizations they represent include: Reverend Monsignor Martin J. Lynch, Pastor Emeritus of Holy Innocents - North Catholic feeder schools; Father Herman J. Buckley, Hon. '75, former member of the clergy faculty; Brother Arthur Kerns, '33, present clergy faculty; and Thomas Casey, '31, school staff services. Also, Edmund F. Armstrong, '31, present lay faculty; Robert Larkin, former lay faculty; James Kelly, Fathers' and Mothers' Association; and last, but by no means least, Joseph E. McKeown, '33, the Alumni Association.

Our alumni came from California, and Washington state to be with us on this golden occasion, as well as many other states. Toastmaster Keane and his beautiful wife, Thelma, left the sunny climes of Scottsdale, Arizona, to join us. As a matter of fact, while many of us danced and drank for the balance of the evening, Bil remained at the head table drawing autographed cartoons of his "Family Circus" for many, if not all, members of the audience. Each cartoon contained a special little personal greeting to the family of the recipient from his "family." One of those cartoons still proudly adorns the living room wall of this writer.

Al Raymond and his "big band sound" provide the music for our dancing and listening pleasure. It's a pleasure to dance to music that gives you the opportunity to think; and when you're sitting you can actually hold a conversation with the people at your table.

Joe McKeown and his ad book committee have done a tremendous job on the program book and each of us at the banquet receives a copy as a souvenir. Copies of the pictorial history of the school written by Father Tony Dougherty, '29, and Leo Donohue, Hon. '70, are on sale. Both committees are to be congratulated for their outstanding work.

Lest we forget, a big round of applause for a night that will long be remembered is due the Banquet Arrangements Committee, under Len Knobbs, '53. He was ably assisted by Lee Gaul, FAMA; and Father Bill Juergens, OSFS, North's able and energetic Treasurer.

The party atmosphere is continued when the Association hosts its cocktail party for the Faculty and their wives and girlfriends in the school cafeteria. Over one hundred and fifty attend.

At the November Board meeting, President Cendrowski reports that, in keeping with one of the recommendations of the Evaluation Committee, he, Executive Secretary-Treasurer Joe McKeown and Fund Treasurer Len Knobbs have selected a five-man fund raising committee for the Scholarship Fund. The committee will consist of Francis J. "Tim" Dunleavy, '32, Vice-Chairman of the Board of I.T.T., as chairman, with Harry J. Ely, '34, AFL-CIO Community Relations Director for the Philadelphia area; Armand F. Gentile, '52, Vice-President and Secretary of Beneficial Savings Bank; Robert T. Clark, '53, Philadelphia Manager of Fahnestock & Co.; and William F. Coyle, Esq., '56, a partner in the law firm of Abrams & Lowenstein, as co-chairmen. The Committee sets a goal of $50,000 to be raised during 1977. They will select additional members for the Committee.

Outstanding Alumnus Award

Len Knobbs introduces a motion, at the same meeting, that, in memory of Father Tye and his many years of devoted service to the Association, the Outstanding Alumnus Award be dedicated to Father Tye. The motion is so well received that the entire Board seconds it and it carries unanimously.

Attendance at the November 13th Monte Carlo Nite is, to put it quite bluntly, lousy. A lot of hard work goes into preparing for it . . . to no avail. Total profit is less than $540.00. We split it three ways - $180.00 each to the school, Oblates and us. Hardly worth the effort.

Swigardo and his pal Rockie return to North on December 5th to help Santa (McKeown) welcome the alumni children. It's a close bet who is more popular with the more than two hundred kids - Mr. Claus or the magician-ventriloquist and his stooge. Chairman Ray Zegarski, '59, and his committee have an added treat for the audience this year. When they arrive in the cafeteria after the show, they sit down to a luncheon of McDonald hamburgers, pretzels, chips, ice cream and soda. The kids have the opportunity for a personal interview with Santa and each is presented with a smartly wrapped Christmas gift. The wrapping is accomplished courtesy of a few alumni wives.

Incidentally, we've neglected to mention that the alumni wives (Board members wives, that is) have not only helped at this year's Christmas Party with the serving of the food but have performed similar chores at the Monte Carlo Nites of this year and last. Many thanks, girls!

Attendance at our annual retreat skyrockets from the few last year. Two hundred and eighty men are at St. Joseph's-in-the-Hills on the week-end of February 18th. C.A. Captain Brady and Chairman Junod are pleased and feel we can hit the three hundred mark next year.

Fund Treasurer Len Knobbs, '53, informs the Board of Governors, at their March meeting, that the Class of 1933 has become the first Class to reach the $4,000 goal. This will enable the Class to name the grant in honor of someone. They have asked that the grant be known as the Father George J. Palmer, OSFS - Class of 1933 Grant. The Board of Trustees of the Fund has concurred.

Communion Dinner

What seemed to be a good idea turns out to be a fiasco. The Communion Dinner scheduled for March 27th was supposed to draw more people because it was a dinner. You certainly couldn't fault the program. Tom Fox, Inquirer columnist, is the principal speaker; "Maje" McDonnell, Phillies' scout is also on hand; and the unbeatable "Mickey" Shaughnessy serves as toastmaster. Tough act to beat. Unfortunately, we have only two hundred and sixty-six in attendance. Our men just don't like Communion Dinners.

Mass is concelebrated by the clergy members of the honor Class of 1951, Fathers Joseph Smith, the principal celebrant, Joseph P. Denny, and William G. Scholl, OSFS, the homilist.

The roast beef dinner is delicious, or so we're told . .. those of us responsible for filling the cafeteria find it hard to swallow when we look out at the almost empty room.

Shaughnessy is his usual funny self. He helps lift us out of the doldrums. "Maje" is like a breath of fresh air. He took us back to the days of our youth...the Whiz Kids - Robin Roberts, Ashburn, Hamner, "Puddin Head" Jones and the rest of that great bunch. His stories hold us spell-bound. And then, the major address from the columnist who most Philadelphians have come to love and respect because he writes mostly about the "little guy"...the K & A man, the boy from South Philly. Tom Fox talks to us like he writes; we're his pals, we understand him and he understands us. He gratefully accepts our Outstanding Achievement Award for his journalistic efforts...but wonders aloud, "Why you chose me for this honor?"

President Cendrowski announces to the assembly that the Outstanding Alumnus Award will be named in memory of Father Tye. He presents a plaque commemorating this to Father Hopkins, the Oblate Superior. Father Hopkins graciously accepts; and describes Father Tye and his activities. As he returns to his seat with the plaque, Shaughnessy takes the microphone and describes how he felt about Father Tye and when he finishes there is not a dry eye in the house. And that describes how we felt about Father.

The Basketball Tourney is captured by St. Boniface. This is their third title. MVP honors go to Warren Keys of the Bonnies.

Through all of this, work is slowly, but surely, continuing in our office.

The Board of Trustees announce the recipients of the 1977 Grants. It is fitting, since this will mark the first grant given to a son or daughter of a dues' paying alumnus, that the grants will honor Father Tye. The grants, awarded to seniors at North, go to Anthony J. Stopyra, '77 ($4,000) and Raymond J. Attewell, '77 ($2,000). Stopyra will enter St. Charles Seminary and Attewell will attend LaSalle. The initial son/ daughter grant goes to Michelle Carlino, of Moorestown High School. The daughter of Bill, '52, Michelle will join Attewell at LaSalle College.

Chairman Cendrowski informs the Board that the Fund has received a $5,000 donation which will be used to establish the Michael A. O'Meara, '32, Grant; with the balance being credited to the Edward J. Mooney, '32, Grant.

The Classes of '53 and '38 are fighting it out, tooth and nail, to be the second class to establish a grant. The Fund now has total assets of over $96,000. The Fund Raising Committee, headed by "Tim" Dunleavy is doing a great job. Len Knobbs, '53, has been named to his third consecutive three-year term as Treasurer of the Fund.

One hundred and one attend the Memorial Day Services. Father Simons and four Oblate confreres concelebrate Mass; and then Father conducts a short service at the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima. Coffee and cake in the cafeteria are a welcome respite... it's a little cool today.

President Tony Cendrowski, '57, surprises the Board, at their April meeting, by announcing that he will not be a candidate for reelection. So when June rolls around, it figures we'll have a race on our hands.

Surprise, surprise!! Former First Vice-President Ray Zegarski, '59, is the only candidate. He is unanimously elected the twentieth president of the Association. Three of the four vice-presidents are also unopposed and thus, elected unanimously. They are 1st V.P. John T. Musial, '63, 2nd V.P. William J. McCormac, '61, and 4th V.P. Raymond E. Rysak, '66. In the race for third vice-president, Jim Flanagan, '47, defeats Bernie McGuire, '50, by better than four-to-one.

Joe McKeown,'33, is elected to his 24th consecutive term as Treasurer. Paul Quinn, '36, wins reelection as Secretary as he staves off a challenge by former president and current historian Frank Gleason, '53. Lou Peters, '31, is named Assistant Secretary without opposition, as are Assistant Treasurers Len Knobbs, '53, and Tony Colletta, '72.

At the May nominations, three candidates were nominated for the post of Historian. All subsequently decline the nomination. Election Chairman Ed Guinan, '37, reopens the nominations for that office and Frank Gleason defeats Gerry Porter, '46, with eleven members not voting.

Our first $10,000 Grand Prize in the "999" Club is awarded to the sole holder of number "396" - Michael J. Klenieski, '72.

New Office Completed

The Alumni Office is finally completed on August 11th. Total outlay for renovations and new equipment was $10,082.03 with $7,881.53 being spent on equipment; and the balance to change the entire appearance of the Office into one we can all be proud of, and proud to invite others into. Our thanks to Len Knobbs and his son for their work.

We hold a second cocktail party for the Faculty and their wives/ girlfriends. September 16th is the date. Only thirty-five faculty members show up...another affair that doesn't seem to be worth the effort.

The undergraduate scholarship grant is awarded to Robert Davis.

In October, President Zegarski receives the first request for the $1,000 in funds set aside annually for use by a department of the school. Father Toner asks that $500 each be given to the Bachelor Survival Course and the Home Science Course. After consultation with Fathers Toner and Simons, and President Zegarski; the Finance Committee directs that the entire $1,000 go to the Home Science Course. The money will go to purchase tools and equipment used to teach our students how to maintain a home or an apartment.

Monetary problems plague the Association once more. The Finance Committee ponders raising the dues. The financial brain trust - McKeown, Knobbs and Colletta suggest a way out. For years, we have reinvested our dividends, when received, in Keystone taking them in cash, the Association would receive approximately $2,200 annually - this will go a long way towards alleviating our current cash poor position. The Board accepts this solution, but Knobbs warns that it is only temporary...we have to look for methods to bring in additional revenue.

The Monte Carlo Nite attendance improves over last year and so does our profit... we net $1,360. Four hundred and fifty dollars each will be given to the Oblates and the school.

At their December Board meeting, the decision is made overwhelmingly, by the Board, that we return to a Breakfast. This, in spite of the fact that the Evaluation Committee had recommended a three-year trial period. Even the most ardent supporters of the dinner theory are convinced, after last year, that the membership would rather have a Breakfast.

Once again, Santa McKeown welcomes Swigardo and his troupe to North Catholic - on December 11. This trio of McKeown, Swiggard and Rockie (which dummy has the wooden head - as Rockie would taunt his mentor) have delighted the kids in the past. And this year is no exception. The kids, all one hundred and ninety-seven of them, have a ball.

Something new this year, though. We have a new vice-president in charge of elves - Ray Rysak, '66. He and his committee continue their service to the kids and their parents, in the fine tradition of Sholly, McManus and Zegarski. Once more, the kids are feasted with the luncheon menu established last year.

In the January, 1978, Falconer, we are treated to an example of the wisdom of our moderator, FR.ED Simons, when he writes his description of an optimist - and we quote: "An optimist is a person who (1) does crossword puzzles in ink, (2) writes to Bishops and Congressmen, and (3) attempts to write a FALCONER article five times a year." Need we say more!

We have a new C.A. Captain for the Malvern Retreat Group and for the first time in our history, he is not a graduate. For a long time now, more non-alumni have been journeying to Malvern with our group than alumni. However, Joe Harvey is dedicated to St. Joseph's-in-the Hills and the North Catholic Retreat Group. He will be assisted by our Chairman, Joe Donlin, '52. Two hundred and forty-one attend...a slight increase.

March 12, 1978...Four hundred and ninety-four attend our Annual Communion Breakfast. The Class of 1952 is the Honor Class.

Mass, in the auditorium, is concelebrated by Fathers Edward J. Kelly, John A. Finn, OSFS, William J. Ruhl, OSFS, David H. Beebe and Thomas J. Erbrick, OSFS. Father Ruhl, the president of the DeSales' School of Theology, is the principal celebrant and homilist.

Prices are rising faster than we can keep up with...we now must charge $6.50 for the Breakfast - a far cry from the dollar of forty years ago which also included the annual membership dues for the Association. But the food is good and there's plenty of it.

Recipient Causes Controversy

Tony Santoro, our resident Italian comic, with his shy smile and easy delivery, captivates the audience. As Toastmaster, he has the honor of presenting to the audience a man whose name is on almost every tongue in the City of Philadelphia at this time. None other than David W. Marston, the crusading United States Attorney for Eastern Pennsylvania. Marston has been in the vortex of a storm surrounding his ouster as U.S. Attorney. President Carter dismissed him on the recommendation of Congressman Eilberg. Eilberg has been under investigation by the U.S. Attorney's office.

Marston is presented the Outstanding Achievement Award for his performance in the field of law enforcement. Shortly before the Breakfast, Marston has announced his candidacy for the office of Governor in the upcoming primary. This causes a great deal of controversy. We inform Mr. Marston, under no circumstances, should he make a political speech. He agrees and his remarks are very tame and concern themselves with the corruption that is evident in today's society. Nevertheless, we are criticized for having a political candidate address the Breakfast.

Drew Mahalic, one of the Eagles' outstanding corps of young line-backers, brings us up to date on the Birds and their new coach, Dick Vermeil. Mahalic, a Notre Dame graduate, is well received by the audience. Incidentally, we should take this opportunity to publicly thank one of our alumni, Jim Gallagher, '47, the Public Relations Director of the Eagles, for his help over the years in obtaining various sports speakers to address the Breakfast.

Father J. Stuart Dooling, the newly elected Provincial of the Oblates, is awarded honorary membership in the Association. Bob Fuessinger, '48, and Frank Devinney, '42, are the third and fourth members of the Board of Governors to be presented with plaques commemorating twenty-five years of service.

Leonard F. Knobbs, '53, is named Outstanding Alumnus. Knobbs, a former president of the Association, the current Assistant Executive Secretary-Treasurer, and Treasurer of the Scholarship Fund, is the eighth man to be so honored in our forty-nine year history.

Defending champion St. Boniface retains its tourney crown. This is the first time in the seventeen year history of the tournament that any team has won the title four times. The Bonnies place three players on the all-tourney team, with MVP honors going to their quick back court ace, Tim O'Shea.

The Scholarship Fund Trustees announce the recipients of the Father George J. Palmer, OSFS - Class of 1933 Grants. The son/daughter grant is presented to Joseph Whelan, son of Jim, '46. Joe, a senior at Archbishop Wood, will attend LaSalle College. The two North grants are awarded to seniors James Campbell, '78, ($4,000) to attend Villanova and Stanley Krol, '78, ($2,000) to attend LaSalle. Chairman Zegarski informs the Board of Governors that the Trustees have established a second $2,000 grant to be awarded to an incoming Freshman at North, and that the son/daughter grant has been increased to $4,000.

Another Santa Claus dies...Ed McNamee, '41, who for many years portrayed the kindly old gentleman with the whiskers, passes away on May 1st. Ed, a member of the Board for just under fifteen years, will be missed by his many friends.

We can hold the line no longer...On May 11, the Finance Committee recommends adoption of a motion made by Knobbs and McKeown, at the April meeting, to increase the dues to $3.00. There is a lengthy discussion as to what effect the increase will have on our total membership.

It is pointed out, by Knobbs, that most members avail themselves of the "999" Club to pay their dues and as a result will not be subjected to any increase whatsoever. However, the one thousand or so who pay the actual dues' fee are certainly intelligent and realistic enough to appreciate the fact that prices have increased tremendously since 1950, the date of our last increase. The Board approves the motion unanimously.

Oblate Fathers Simons, Ashenbrenner (the new Superior at North), Hanlon and Stafford concelebrate Mass in the Faculty House Chapel for the eighty-eight friends and relatives of our honored war dead. After the Memorial Day Mass, Father Simons conducts a short service at the Shrine and we then adjourn to the cafeteria for our usual refreshments.

The 1978 elections for row offices are once again marked by the absence of competition. President Ray Zegarski, '59, and three of his four vice-presidents (Musial, '63, McCormac, '61, and Flanagan, '47) are unopposed for reelection. 4th V.P. Ray Rysak, '66, decides not to seek reelection and Second Assistant Treasurer Colletta is named to the vacancy without opposition. McKeown and Quinn are the only candidates for Treasurer and Secretary, as is Frank Gleason for Historian. Ed Ganister, '32, succeeds to the Second Assistant Treasurer post vacated by Colletta.

The only races revolve around Lou Peters, '31, the incumbent Assistant Secretary. He loses that post to William M. Nesbitt, '59, and then loses to incumbent First Assistant Treasurer Knobbs in a bid for that position.

For the fifth consecutive year, our Picnic is held at Lake Lisheoras. It seems every year we return, Mike Lisheoras, the owner adds another improvement. The drive-ways are now completely black-topped, there are cement walkways, yet the place still retains the rustic charm and lush scenery that attracted us in the first place. However, we've had to raise the price for adults to $4.00; kids still get in for a buck and a half. The price still includes free beer (for those of age) and free birch beer.

The $10,000 Grand Prize in the "999" Club is shared, for the first time, by three winners, John P. Hartner, '69, John E. McKeever, '65 and Francis M. Coyle, '68. The winning number is 681.

The undergraduate grants are awarded by the Scholarship Fund Board of Trustees to Ralph Grillo and Thomas Miller.

Our annual Monte Carlo Nite is held in the school cafeteria on November 18th. Despite a small problem which involved the dispensing of a certain liquid which drastically affects attendance, we manage to make Fourteen Hundred Dollars which is divided equally among us, the Oblates and the school.

The events of this evening will reverberate for many years to come...nuff said.

North—Fkd Classic

Earlier in the year, Fran Dougherty, '59, North's Athletic Director, and Fred Hauser, his Frankford H.S. counterpart, called a meeting of interested alumni and friends of both schools. It was held in the North Catholic cafeteria and centered around the upcoming Thanksgiving Day Game. This would be the 50th Anniversary...actually the first game was played in October, 1928.

Throughout the summer and early Fall various committees work to perfect every-thing for THE GA ME... but it went far beyond the game - we would have a dinner the night before the game for the players and coaches. After the dinner, there would be a giant party to which everyone was invited. The game would be played at Vet Stadium and on the morning of the game, breakfast would be served in the Press Club. Oh, we had something for everyone.

Tony Visco, Frankford '56, is elected Chairman of the Classic, as it came to be known...and that was the last thing Frankford did win.

A coin toss between Visco and Len Knobbs, '53, settles the fact that the game will be referred to as the North Catholic-Frankford Thanksgiving Day Classic. A logo is selected and adopted as the official monogram. All literature, press releases, etc., bear this logo.

Knobbs is named Chairman of the ad book committee. He and Visco banter long into the night, many nights, over the content of the book. The final product, a ninety-eight page book complete with an illustrated history of the game and the football programs at both schools over the years, is a complete sell-out. We still have people asking for copies.

Knobbs is also given the task of running the dinner the night before, as well as the party and the breakfast. Because of limited seating at the Press Club, only one hundred seats are available and they are evenly distributed between North and Frankford supporters. The dinner is attended by the players and coaches of both schools, most of the players' parents; and a smattering of people who are involved with the Classic. Father Joe Toner, '45, North's principal, is Toastmaster and does his usual outstanding job. He does an effective job of "roasting" Al Angelo.

More than six hundred people jam The Shack Restaurant for the party after the dinner. Everywhere you look are former All-Catholic, All-Public, and All-Scholastic football stars. Intermingled with them are former coaches, players, bench warmers and just plain fans.

November 23rd dawns cool and crisp. The one hundred, lucky enough to get seats in the Press Club, dine on a sumptuous buffet breakfast provided by Kings' Caterers.

The field program for the day, under the direction of Larry Conti, '63, North's baseball coach, included pre-game ceremonies hosted by Don Tollefson, WPVI-TV sportscaster. The highlight of the pre-game ceremonies was the coin toss between John H. "Swede" Mallon, '29, a tackle on the '28 Falcon squad, and Joe Tomlin, a Pioneer footballer of the twenties. Tomlin was the founder of the Pop Warner Football Conference. We win again! Mallon, as North's honorary captain, elects to receive. And that's the beginning of the end.

The Game

Early in the first quarter, all-scholastic halfback Harry Ulmer, '79, races eighteen yards for his first TD of the day. Joe Weick adds the PAT and North leads, seven-zip, with 8:14 remaining in the first period. Midway through the second quarter, Chris Yurkow, Frankford quarterback, puts the Pioneers on board with a one-yard plunge, climaxing a sixty-yard - fifteen play drive. A pass for the bonus conversion is batted away at the last instant by the defensive star of the day, middle-linebacker Pat Jordan. A linebacker, in the mold of Bergey, Pat, a '79 grad, is credited with twenty-two tackles, including twelve solos.

Just before the first half ends, a pass from Daulerio to Galiczynski goes incomplete in the end zone...but Frankford is charged with interference, giving North a first down on the one. From there Ulmer plunges over for his second TD. Conversion by Weick; North-14. Frankford-6, as the first half ends.

Half-time ceremonies are the crowning point of the day. Former coaches are introduced at midfield...and then approximately one thousand former players from both schools meet on the field. Amid much hugging and handshaking, the true spirit and friendship that symbolized THE GAME is evidenced as never before in the history of this Classic.

In the third quarter the Pioneers move sixty-seven yards in nine plays to score on Joe Galasso's two-yard smash. Talk about luck...Yurkow, with North defenders draped all over him, passes to Ed Gerety, who was already down - flat on his back in the end zone. TIE SCORE!

The Falcons come right back. They take the kickoff and march sixty-five yards in eleven plays. Dan Galiczynski scores what is to be the winning touchdown with 1:38 gone in the fourth period. Another Weick conversion...and North leads, 21-14. THE FINAL SCORE!

In an emotional locker room scene after the game, President Ray Zegarski, '59, tells the players, "We, the Alumni, needed this win and you gave it to us...for this, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

At a wrap-up meeting of the committee, held at The Shack Restaurant, each member of the committee is presented with a small gold football, suitably engraved. Surprise of the evening is when Frankford AD Fred Hauser and Coach Al Angelo present Knobbs, '53, with a special award in gratitude for all the work he did on the Thanksgiving Day Classic.

Our 50th Anniversary Committee has been busy solidifying plans for the celebration. The committee consists of President Zegarski, as general chairman, with McKeown, '33, in charge of the ad book, Knobbs handling banquet arrangements, and John Musial, '63, in charge of ticket sales. A separate committee, under Gleason, '53, is busy gathering facts for the publication of our fifty year history.

At the December meeting, the Board approves a $1,000 donation to the school. This annual department grant will go to help complete the school's new media center, which is located in what used to be the balcony of the auditorium.

Our 26th Annual Kiddies' Christmas Party is held on December 10th with one hundred and seventy-nine children in attendance. Magician-ventriloquist Swigardo provides the usual entertainment assisted by Mrs. Swiggard and their little wooden-headed pal, "Rockie."

We have a new Santa, in the person of Ed Markowski, '56. Elf-in-charge Rysak and his able pixies distribute luncheon and a gaily wrapped package to each child.

A Special Award

An item discussed at the January meeting is the establishment of a special Outstanding Alumnus Award. This award will be presented, on a tri-annual basis, commencing in 1980, to a member of the Association who has not been active in recent years. It is patterned along the lines of baseball's old timers award for the Hall of Fame. A special selection committee has been established...they have lifetime appointments. The members of this committee include: Ed Ganister, '32, Bill Arnoldy, '38, Jim Flanagan, '47, Len Knobbs, '53, Ray Zegarski, '59, Ray Rysak, '66, and Tony Colletta, '72. No more than two men from any decade may serve on the committee and the chairmanship will rotate among the members.

Under C.A. Captain Joe Harvey's determined leadership, two hundred and twenty-six men arrive at St. Joseph's-in-the-Hills on Friday evening, February 16th. Monsignor McGuire, rector, lauds our efforts to get back to the three hundred man level. With the help of each and every alumnus, we're quite certain we can attain that goal.

Golden Anniversary Breakfast

April 1, 1979...the date of our 50th Anniversary Communion Breakfast and the Silver Anniversary graduating Class of 1953 is the honor Class...and it was a Breakfast to be remembered right from the very start.

Wonder of wonders - we really have a crowd. Five hundred and thirty-six smiling faces greet President Zegarski as he conducts the General Membership Meeting and Class Representatives' election, prior to Mass. This is our largest turnout in twelve years.

Mass is concelebrated by Fathers Joseph Gallagher, '53, and John O'Rourke, OSA, '53. Father Jack is principal celebrant and homilist. It is in the latter category that he will go down in history. He has his congregation spell-bound when he tells them; "I have decided to leave the priesthood." His tale becomes especially convincing when he begins to detail his reasons for his momentous decision. More than a few are incredulous that a priest would take this occasion to announce his resignation. Then, Father Jack slowly smiles...and reminds his audience that "today is April 1st - dedicated to the gullible." A roar spreads through the it laughter...or relief...or both.

While this is taking place inside the auditorium, our current resident practical joker, Third Vice-President Jim Flanagan, '47, is distributing chocolate candy to his friends. He finds two easy marks in Paul Quinn, '36, and Knobbs...the candy (?) is chocolate covered garlic...made for the occasion.

With this start, things could only get better...and get better, they did.

After our usual delicious breakfast, courtesy of Four Chefs, we settle down to listen to our various speakers.

We expect Don Tollefson, but as sometimes happens in the televison industry, we are greeted by his regular stand-in, Steve Levy. Levy is quick to inform his audience that Levy is only his "stage name."

Dennis Franks, captain of the Philadelphia Eagles' special teams, is both comical and informative. He details for those present, Flanagan's shenanigans of earlier in the morning and then asks Jim for a "piece of the candy" to give to Coach Vermeil. The capsulated review of the Eagles, provided by Dennis, gives us an insight on Vermeil and lends credence to the reports that they are definitely the team to beat in the future.

Senator Joseph Biden, of Delaware, takes the rostrum and immediately chastises Franks for giving away his secret, he already has "a piece of candy" and had full intentions of presenting it to his driver on the return trip to Delaware. The Democratic Senator from our neighboring state is on hand to receive our annual Outstanding Achievement Award for supporting legislation to aid Catholic education.

Joseph R. Biden, Jr., delights and challenges his audience with his remarks. His challenge - that as Catholics, we should look first to ourselves for support of our schools before seeking governmental aid.

His inspirational speech is well the conclusion, the Senator is given a standing ovation reminiscent of the one given Donald Barnhouse in 1967.  [Editor's note:  For the record, Joseph R. Biden became Vice President of the United States on January 20, 2009 and on January 20, 2021 will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the U. S.]

Ed Guinan, '37, is awarded the Father John B. Tye Outstanding Alumnus Award. Ed has been a member of the Board since 1960 and for many years has led the Board in the sale of Breakfast tickets.

Joe McKeown, '33, and Bernie McGuire, '50, are presented twenty-five year service plaques by President Zegarski. Normally, the Breakfast sees our president distributing a lot of checks and this year is no exception...but he also receives one, in the amount of $256.00, from Class Reps Frank Gleason and Len Knobbs on behalf of the honor Class of '53, for the Scholarship Fund.


An underdog St. Edward's team swept to the title in our 18th annual basketball tourney by handily defeating four opponents. Throughout the tourney, they were paced by MVP Kevin Hill and James Cole, who also earned all-star honors.

Fund Chairman Ray Zegarski informs the Board of Governors, at their May meeting, of the Board of Trustees decision on the Michael A. O'Meara, '32, Grants. They have awarded the $4,000 grant to John D. Walsh, '79, and the $2,000 grant to James M. Palmer, '79. The $4,000 son/daughter grant goes to Kathleen M. Seitz, of Upper Dublin High, daughter of John Seitz, '50. All three young people will attend LaSalle College and major in chemistry.

Memorial Day Services, honoring our alumni war dead, are attended by eighty-two relatives, friends and alumni. A Memorial Mass is concelebrated, in the chapel, by Oblate Fathers Edward Simons, '34, John Beattie, Robert Hanlon, '43, James Cassidy, Joseph Griffin, '46, and Robert Ashenbrenner, '44. Attendance is slipping...people seem to have better things to do on Memorial Day (?) than honoring the people who have made their relaxing life-style possible.

There is only one contested race in the June elections, that of Fourth Vice-President...and Bill O'Connell, '34, upsets incumbent Tony Colletta, '72. Our 50th Anniversary year officers, in addition to O'Connell, are: President Raymond P. Zegarski, '59, 1st V.P. John T. Musial, '63, 2nd V.P. William J. McCormac, '61, 3rd V.P. Edward J. Guinan, '37, Secretary Paul D. Quinn, '36, Treasurer Joseph E. McKeown, '33, Assistant Secretary William M. Nesbitt, '59, Assistant Treasurers Leonard F. Knobbs, '53, and Edward J. Ganister, '32, and Historian Francis J. Gleason, '53.

At the same meeting, the Board authorizes a special 50th Anniversary decal to be given to all dues' payers and a gold membership card to commemorate our anniversary.

'29 Reunion

The night before the meeting, June 12, 1979, to be exact, the Class of 1929 holds its 50th Anniversary Reunion. They begin with a Mass, concelebrated by their classmates, Fathers John Conmy and Walter Kelly. Then they adjourn to a country club to celebrate. Forty-six members of the Class are in attendance. President Zegarski and Assistant Treasurer Knobbs and their wives; and Moderator Father Ed Simons are honored guests of the Class. Among the men they meet that night are Jake Horne, Jim Graham, Bill Robinson, Frank McKee, Joe Murphy, John Clark and many, many others. The Chairman of the Reunion, of course, is "Swede" Mallon.

Six-Eighteen is the winning number of the grand prize in the "999" Club. Eight people hold the number and receive $1,250 each. They are: Dennis Colgan, Jr., '58, Joseph Gabor, '61, Frank O'Brien, '55, Nellie O'Neill, Francis Owens, '58, William J. Welsh, '65, Anthony Zuvich, '74, and John S. Fell, '51.

Despite the fact that Sunday, August 19th, is bright and sunny and the site, Lake Lisheoras, is superb...only a handful (108) show up for our annual picnic. No softball game this year...volley ball instead. The old-timers completely dominate winning two best of seven series - with only one loss.

A special meeting is called by President Zegarski to discuss the upcoming 50th Anniversary Celebration. Participation, or lack of it, is the prime reason for the meeting. Advertising sales are poor and ticket sales are even worse. He calls on the Board to demonstrate some of that "old North Catholic spirit."

At the September meeting, McKeown reports that better than fifty pages of advertising have been secured as a result of a tremendous effort on the part of a few people.

Knobbs reports that all is readiness for the Banquet at The Shack on October 21st. Ticket sales around one hundred. Sales Chairman John Musial urges an all-out effort by Board members to assure that we have at least five hundred in attendance. The Tom Weick combo has been secured to play for our dancing pleasure. Tables will be reserved for parties of ten. Ticket price is $22.00 per person which includes a cocktail hour, filet mignon dinner and an open bar 'til midnite. The Shack will hold seven hundred and fifty and we hope to fill it to capacity.

Fund Chairman Zegarski reports that the undergraduate awards will go to Mario Figueroa and Thomas Slattery. The awards are worth $500 annually, for four years, to each of the young men.

Honorary Membership

President Zegarski suggests that, in honor of Pope John Paul II's historic visit to our city and in conjunction with our Anniversary, we confer honorary membership on His Holiness. Knobbs and Handley, '58, move adoption of the recommendation and the Board approves unanimously.

The time has come to close this history of our first fifty years. We sincerely hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as we did writing it. We agonized a great deal over the proper method of presenting the story of the Association...most of our history dealt with facts and figures. Finally, we felt the best way to do it would be to take a page from a television show of the Fifties and say - all things are as they were then...except- YOU ARE THERE. Thus, this is how you came to read our history in the present tense..

The authors, Len Knobbs, '53, and Joe McKeown, '33, would like to take this opportunity to express their gratitude to some very great and helpful people. Portions of our history were hard to extract, others very easy.

Our first thanks go to the people who made the history of the organization our members, the more than 31,000 living and deceased graduates of Northeast Catholic High School. Second, to the men who formed our history - the five hundred and twenty-six men whose names appear elsewhere in this book - the men who have served on the Board at various times throughout our fifty year history, in particular to the twenty men who have led us as Presidents. We would be remiss, if we didn't extend our thanks to the Oblates - who have steered us through the years-in particular, to our Moderators.

Finally, we would like to thank the committee, headed by Historian Frank Gleason, that spent hours digging up the facts for us. The committee included: Ray Zegarski, '59, Ed Ganister, '32, Jim Flanagan, '47, Paul Quinn, '36, and John Handley, '58.

Special People

A very special "Thank You" to three people, Wanda Musial, wife of Vice-President John, '63, for spending many hours typing our manuscripts...Ed Ganister, '32, who spent more hours than we can count in the Alumni Office doing research and checking dates, while we wrote and wrote...and my wife, Barbara Knobbs, for spending time proofreading final copy before it went to the printer and most importantly for just being there and taking care of things at home while Joe and I devoted the time necessary to writing this history.

And then, the 50th Anniversary Celebration

At the October meeting, just prior to our 50th Anniversary celebration, President Zegarski informs the Board that an announcement will be made at the dinner increasing the value and number of grants awarded by the Scholarship Fund. The total value of the grants awarded will increase from $14,000 per year to $20,000 per year. Grants to incoming Freshmen at NECHS will be increased from two to three at $500 per year. Additional grants of $500 per year will be awarded to graduating seniors from NECHS and the son or daughter of a dues paying alumnus to attend college. In just ten years, thanks to the generosity of our members, grants have increased tenfold.

Zegarski also announced the formation of a committee to raise fund for the Scholarship Fund. It will be headed by Nicholas A. Giordano, '61, the Executive Vice President of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. Serving as co-chairs will be Thomas J. McNulty, '43, Business Manager of the Plumber Union Local 690; Thomas I. Savage, '52, Vice President of Beneficial Savings Bank, Rev. Joseph B. Graham, '53, Executive Director of Institutional Services for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia; and John J. McShane, '56, President of Franklin Towne Corp.

Over 470 attend our Golden Jubilee Celebration at the Shack Restaurant on Roosevelt Boulevard. The dinner is well received by all in attendance. Proclamations honoring the Association for its long

service are received from the Congress of the United States, the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the Mayor and City Council of Philadelphia. Len Knobbs, '53, serves as Master of Ceremonies. We are treated to remarks by our first President, Father John Conmy, OSFS, '29, and President Ray Zegarski, '59. The introduction of honored guests, both at the head table and in the audience seems to go on forever. Also honored were 50 men, who in the opinion of the current Board of Governors have contributed greatly, over the past fifty years, to the success of the Association. A parchment scroll is presented to each of the recipients. The men who received the awards are: Leonard F. Knobbs, '53, Joseph E. McKeown, '33, James A. Flanagan, '47, John T. Musial, '63, John H. Mallon, '29, J. William Arnoldy, '38, Vincent J. Bee, '35, Thomas J. Blessington, '48, Patrick J. Boyle, '49, Rev. Fernan J. Brennan, OSFS, '32, Henry E. Bukowski, '31, Bernard F. Bygott, '34, Anthony J. Cendrowski, '57, Thomas M. Cleary, '47, Anthony J. Colletta, '72, Rev. John J. Conmy, OSFS, '29, James J. Cox, Jr., '36, Francis J. Devinney, '42, Charles F. Dorland, '46, Francis J. Dunleavy, '32, Robert J. Fuessinger, '48, Edward J. Ganister, '32, Francis J. Gleason, '53, Edward J. Guinan, '37, John F. Handley, '58, John J. Hooten, '34, Rocco G. lacone, '55, John F. Junod, '52, Paul J. Kelly, '34, Joseph A. Kilian, '35, Joseph J. Mackin, '40, Joseph T. Madden, '43, William J. McCormac, '61, Richard C. McGrath, '39, Rev. James J. McGuire, OSFS, '34, Francis T. McKee, '29, Hon. Joseph T. Murphy, '29, Francis P. Murray, '39, William H. O'Connell, Jr., '34, Louis J. Peters, '31, Charles J. Quinn, '36, Paul D. Quinn, '36, William P. Robinson, MD, '29, Raymond E. Rysak, '66, James P. Scanlon, '30, Rev. Edward J. Simons, OSFS, '34, George W. Sommer, '36, John A. Thiers, '34, James T. White, '49, and Raymond P. Zegarski, '59.

The dinner and the history/ad book are an overwhelming success - both socially and financially - and the committees headed by Joe McKeown, '33 (Ad Book), Len Knobbs, '53 (Dinner Arrangements), and John Musial, '63 (Dinner Sales) receive an tremendous round of thanks from the Board for a job well done. Also, Knobbs and McKeown are commended for their compilation of the history of the Association. They extend a special Thank You to Ed Ganister, '32, for his research work, Wanda Musial (wife of John, '63) for typing the majority of the manuscript, and Barbara Knobbs for proof reading the finished product. Also acknowledged were Historian Frank Gleason,'53, and his committee of Ray Zegarski, '59, Jim Flanagan, '47, John Handley, '58, and Paul Quinn, '36, that spent untold hours digging through our records for the facts to support our story.

Chairman Ray Rysak and his committee host Santa (Ed Markowski, '56) and 206 children at our annual Kiddies' Christmas Party. Entertainment is provided by Mr. & Mrs. Clown. The kids are treated to hamburgers, ice cream, soda, pretzels and chips; and each receives a wrapped gift and a candy cane.


Father John B. Tye, OSFS, '29

Outstanding Alumnus Award Recipients

This award, created by the Board of Governors and first presented in 1960, was renamed to honor Father Tye in 1976.

Father Tye
Alumni Moderator
June, 1960 - April, 1973

     Captain (Chaplain) John B. Tye, USA, was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action in connection with combat operations against the enemy with the 1st Cavalry Division in the Pacific Theatre of Operations (Luzon, Phillipines) during World War II.
General Headquarters, 1st Cavalry Division, General Order No. 50 (1945).

     The men below have received this award in recognition of their exemplary dedication and service to the ideals and purpose of the Alumni Association.

Rev. Fernan J. Brennan, OSFS, '32

Bernard F. Bygott, '34

"Mickey" Shaughnessy, Hon., '49

Joseph E. McKeown, '33

Paul D. Quinn, '36

Most Rev. William J. Ward, OSFS, '32

Rev. Joseph P. Eisenbarth, OSFS,
Hon., '55

Leonard F. Knobbs, '53

Edward J. Guinan, '37

Charles J. Quinn, '36

Rev. Edward J. Simons, OSFS, '34

Edward J. Ganister, '32

Bil Keane, '40

Paul J. Kelly, '34

Most Rev. Edward J. Schlotterback, OSFS, '30

William H. O'Connell, Jr., '34

William M. Nesbitt, '59

Thomas P. Casey, '31

Rev. James J. McGuire, OSFS, '34

Thomas W. Kelly, '50

Rev. Thomas P. Walsh, OSFS, Hon. '66

John T. Musial, '63

Rev. John J. Conmy, OSFS, '29

Francis J. Gleason, '53

John R. Hanejko, '65

Rev. Robert P. Hanlon, OSFS, '43

Francis J. Dunleavy, '32

Rev. Vincent E. Smith, OSFS, '74

Lawrence A. Dolan, '37

James P. Scanlon, '30

Francis J. Devinney, '42

Nicholas A. Giordano, '61

Robert H. Fitzsimmons, '53

Patrick J. Boyle, '49

Rev. Neil F. Kilty, OSFS, '59

James W. Bollendorf, '73

Raymond P. Zegarski, '59

Kevin McCloskey, '05

Joseph J. Mackin, '40


Association Presidents


Rev. John J. Conmy, OSFS, '29

June 10, 1929 -
January 14, 1931


Frank T. McKee, '29

January 14, 1931 -
January 20, 1935


John W. Brecht, '30

January 20, 1935 -
December 27, 1936


Rev. James J. McGuire, OSFS, '34

December 27, 1936 -
December 26, 1937


William P. Robinson, MD, '29

December 26, 1937 -
January 25, 1942


Rev. James J. McGuire, OSFS, '34

January 25, 1942 -
July 6, 1942


Paul J. Kelly, '34

July 6, 1942 -
January 26, 1947


George W. Sommer, '36

January 26, 1947 -
December 16, 1947


Bernard F. Bygott, '34

December 16, 1947 -
November 27, 1949


Charles J. Quinn, '36

November 27, 1949 -
June 10, 1954


Hon. Joseph T. Murphy, '29

June 10, 1954 -
June 13, 1957


James E. Fitzgerald, '42

June 13, 1957 -
June 9, 1960


Charles E. Malone, '30

June 9, 1960 -
June 8, 1961


James J. Cox, Jr., '36

June 8, 1961 -
June 13, 1963


Patrick J. Boyle, '49

June 13, 1963 -
June 9, 1966


Leonard F. Knobbs, '53

June 9, 1966 -
June 12, 1969


Rocco G. Iacone, '55

June 12, 1969 -
June 11, 1970


J. William Arnoldy, '38

June 11, 1970 -
June 14, 1973


Francis J. Gleason, '53

June 14, 1973 -
June 10, 1976


Anthony J. Cendrowski, '57

June 10, 1976 -
June 9, 1977


Raymond P. Zegarski, '59

June 9, 1977 -
June 12, 1980


Leonard F. Knobbs, '53

June 12, 1980 -
June 9, 1983


John T. Musial, '63

June 9, 1983 -
June 30, 1986


John R. Hanejko, '65

July 1, 1986 -
June 30, 1989


Thomas P. Morgan, '64

July 1, 1989 -
June 30, 1992


Francis J. Gleason, '53

July 1, 1992 -
June 30, 1995


James W. Bollendorf, '73

July 1, 1995 -
June 30, 1997


Stephen A. Cardullo, '72

July 1, 1997 -
June 30, 2000


Edward J. White, '55

July 1, 2000 -
June 30, 2003


Anthony J. Colletta, '72

July 1, 2003 -
June 30, 2006


Edward J. White, '55

July 1, 2006 -
June 30, 2009

John R. Hanejko, '65

July 1, 2009 -
June 30, 2012

John T. Musial, '63

July 1, 2012 -
June 30, 2013


Jeffrey W. Brown, '79

July 1, 2013 -
June 30, 2016


Albert P. Waskiewicz, '79

July 1, 2016 -
June 30, 2019

Robert J. Kensil, Jr., '74

July 1, 2019 -

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Class Representatives

     In our ninety plus years, almost one thousand men have served on our Board of Governors.  Some have served as little as one month while others have performed dedicated service for many years.  We would like to recognize the thirty five Class Representatives who served for twenty five years or longer.

Patrick J. Boyle, '49 - November, 1954 - Present
Leonard F. Knobbs, '53 - November, 1956 - Present
Francis J. Devinney, '42 - November, 1950 to November, 1951; January, 1954 to September, 2011.  Deceased November 3, 2017.
John F. Handley, '58 - March, 1967 - Present
John T. Musial, '63 - January, 1966 to September, 1990; September, 1992 to Present
Richard C. McGrath, '39 - July, 1943 to November, 1951; November, 1952 to November, 1957; November, 1958 to November, 1977; March, 1978 to February, 1998.  Deceased March 24, 2003.
Paul D. Quinn, '36 - November, 1948 to September, 2000.  Deceased October 20, 2002.

Raymond E. Rysak, '66 - March, 1969 - Present
Stephen A. Cardullo, '72 - September, 1972 - Present
John S. Boyle, '39 - November, 1961 - September, 2008.  Deceased January 30, 2012.

William J. McCormac, '61 - March, 1969 to March, 2011, September, 2011 - September, 2013.  Deceased January 12, 2020.
Joseph E. McKeown, '33 - November, 1950 to January, 1951; November, 1953 to September, 1996.  Deceased September 29, 1996
John R. Hanejko, '65 - November, 1978 - Present
Lawrence A. Dolan, '37 - November, 1948 to September, 1957; November, 1957 to May, 1958; March, 1973 to October, 2005.  Deceased October 30, 2005.
Robert J. Fuessinger, '48 - November, 1952 to September, 1993.  Deceased August 15, 2006.

Francis J. Gleason, '53 - November, 1960 to September, 2000.  Deceased September 10, 2000.
Joseph J. Mackin, '40 - November, 1947 to October, 1959; November, 1962 to March, 1972; March, 1977 to June, 1995.  Deceased June 23, 1995.
J. William Arnoldy, '38 - January, 1964 to August, 1998.  Deceased August 15, 1998.
Bernard J. McGuire, '50 - November, 1952 to November, 1958; January, 1959 to September, 1972; October, 1972 to November, 1975; March, 1976 to June, 1985; September, 1985 to February, 1986.  Deceased August 5, 1987.    
Joseph P. Brennan, Jr., '69 - March, 1977 to October, 2006; September, 2008 - May, 2011.
Kenneth J. Florkowski, '88 - November, 1988  - Present
Edward J. Ganister, '32 - March, 1967 to January, 1999.  Deceased January 3, 1999.  

Anthony J. Colletta, '72 - March, 1973 to February, 1985; April, 1989 to November, 2008.  Deceased November 19, 2011.
Michael A. Donofrio, '47 - November, 1955 to October, 1965; January, 1966 to February, 1967; March, 1967 to September, 1967; September, 1989 to July, 2009.  Deceased July 5, 2009.
Thomas M. Cleary, '47 - January, 1965 to February, 1996.  Deceased January 18, 2001.
Robert E. Kennedy, '54 - September, 1984 to February, 1994; May, 1994 - April, 2015.
  Deceased October 4, 2018.   
Edmund A. Markowski, Jr., '56 - September, 1977 to September, 1992; September, 1994 to September, 2009.

William M. FitzPatrick, '59 - September, 1986 - August, 2015.  Deceased August 15, 2015.
Louis J. Peters, '31 - December, 1964 to September, 1992.  Deceased December 31, 1993.
Joseph T. Mulawka, '51 - December, 1987 to April, 2014
.  Deceased April 10, 2014.
Edward R. Jaskowiak, '66 - September, 1967 - November, 1981; September, 1995 - May, 1999; September, 2012 - Present
James F. Kelly, Jr., '70 - September, 1970 - September, 1972; December, 1972 - January, 1974; March, 1974 - June, 1974; March, 1975 - September, 1976; March, 1978 - June, 1978; September, 1988 - December, 1988; September, 1989 - September, 1995; October, 1995 - September, 1996; September, 1997 - May, 1999; September, 2003 - Present

William H. O'Connell, Jr., '34 - January, 1965 to November, 1990.  Deceased November 26, 1990.

Thomas P. Morgan, '64 - April, 1984 - September, 1997; September, 2008 - Present
Thomas A. McAvoy, Jr., '59 - September, 1995 - Present

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Rev. George A. Mahoney, OSFS, Hon. '34

June 10, 1929 -
September 1, 1932

Rev. William A. Stahl, OSFS,
Hon. '34

September 1, 1932 -
June 30, 1934

Rev. Harry J. Quinn, OSFS,
Hon., '35

June 30, 1934 -
June 30, 1940

Rev. Francis X. O'Donnell,
OSFS, '29

June 30, 1940 -
June 30, 1947

Rev. George A. Godley,
 OSFS, '31

June 30, 1947 -
June 30, 1948

Rev. Fernan J. Brennan,
OSFS, '32

June 30, 1948 -
June 30, 1960

Rev. John B. Tye, OSFS, '29

June 30, 1960 -
April 1, 1973

Rev. John J. Green, OSFS, '35

April 1, 1973 -
January 30, 1974

Rev. Francis X. Quaile, OSFS, '35

January 30, 1974 -
June 30, 1974

Rev. James J. Behan, OSFS, '62

June 30, 1974 -
September 1, 1976

Rev. Edward J. Simons,
OSFS, '34

September 1, 1976 -
December 31, 1999

Rev. Neil F. Kilty. OSFS, '59

December 31, 1999 -

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V. + J.


Not for fame or reward, not lured by ambition or goaded by necessity, but in simple obedience to duty as they understood it, these suffered all, sacrificed all, dared and died.

(Entrance to Arlington National Cemetery)

     These men, our brothers, gave their lives in defense of their country in World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, and Afghanistan.  Please remember them in your prayers.



Lawrence C. Hoelzle
Joseph T. Walsh


Nicholas P. Kavanagh
Joseph P. Mahoney
Joseph L. Rabenstein


William J. Connell
Leo P. Hassett
Charles P. Loeper
Joseph F. Stutz


Edward J. Coleman
Samuel J. Dunbar
Joseph S. Fiala
Joseph A. Gogoj
James F. Harkins
Edward F. Heard
Robert E. McCarthy
Aloysius A. Monaghan


Joseph F. Carr
Andrew J. Frosch
Edward J. Galloway
William J. MacElderry
John J. McCann
Joseph V. Murray
Thomas H. Murray
Walter J. Robinson
George L. Smith


Thomas A. Byrne
Edward B. Drueding
John A. Farrell
Albert P. Foley
John J. Gray
Anthony F. Matthews
Leonard J. McGee
Nelson A. Reed
Hugh T. Shellem


John A. Anderson
Richard J. Burns
Thomas J. Cassidy
John J. Dooner
Joseph T. Dwyer
John W. Farrell
Harold Garman
Thomas J. Hobson
Edward E. Houseman
John R. Kelley
Robert J. Kelley
John F. Lawlor
Michael J. Marley
John B. McCann
Vincent J. McElroy
George A. McGee
William J. Newis
James O'Rourke
Herman P. Winterer


William J. Casey
Thomas F. Kelly
James Litz
James McConnell
Joseph A. Minnichbach
Lawrence W. Minnick
Andrew C. O'Keefe
Joseph K. Seiler
Edward C. Sekula
Joseph W. Shedaker
Raymond J. Slazas
Vincent K. Snyder
Albert J. Spanier


Albert Appel
Edward J. Coleman
James V. Derbyshire
John D. Duffy
Thomas F. Fenerty
Edmund J. Gaffney
Joseph M. Garlick
Gerald F. Gowen
John Mallen
James J. McGinnis
Philip J. Razler
James E. Saul
John C. Schmieder
Francis J. Strenger
Martin E. Wagner
Alfred A. Zajac
Walter J. Zarada


William L. Cobb
Raymond W. Devlin
Alfred F. Dougherty
Stephen A.Ganiszewski
John Gibbons
Charles D. Gibson
Daniel J. Grant
Henry L. Grathwohl
Thomas E. Jardel
Edward F. Kent
George Kuhn
Warren Lane
Charles T. Lewis
William F. Lynch
Leo E. Markey
John J. McNulty
John J. McVeigh
Edward J. Phillips
William T. Urban
John J. White



William H. Becker
John J. Delaney
John B. Gilkey
Raymond E. Gruber
Lawrence Lanahan
Philip T. Lehman
Edward Litwin
Eugene P. Magee
Robert McAuliffe
Francis X. McKenna
Charles J. McLinden
Charles J. McVey
Horace J. Murphy
Robert J. Reilly
Francis G. Rudolph
George J. Whalen
James A. White


Paul A. Becker
John F. Clinch
James J. Coffey
Joseph J. Daley
John J. Davis
Edward J. Dooner
Joseph A. Finley
Francis J. Fitzpatrick
Paul R. Foley
Francis J. Gillespie
Eugene T. Gladkowski
James J. Hanlon
Charles W. Lockwood
William F. Matthews
John M. McCann
Frank J. McDonnell
Hugh J. McFadden
Henry T. McMahon
John F. McNally
Charles A. Nessel
Louis B. Rieffel
Anthony J. Rosowski
William H. Schenkel
Anthony T. Serravalli
John D. Sykes
James J. Turner
Maurice L. VanZandt


Harry J. Bell
Raymond J. Broderick
Henry E. Dempski
Norman DeProbert
John A. Donahue
Ralph J. Dooley
Stephen F. Halner
William G. Hare
Charles X. Kuntz
Robert J. Lautenbach
Raymond A. Makin
John G. McBride
Henry P. McCann
Joseph H. McCann
James J. McVey
James P. Mellon
Carmen V. Olivet
Gerald J. O'Neill
Leo J. Reilly
Arthur J. Roit
Joseph F. Rossetti
John J. Rowan
John M. Rutter
James M. Ryan
Ernest E. Schmidt
John J. Stevenson
Raymond J. Trost
Donald M. Woods


Richard E. Bagnor
Anthony T. Cassese
Thomas J. Eck
Charles H. Fox
Francis A. Glanzmann
James F. Gormley
John J. Hannigan
Joseph F. Hendron
Leonard P. Kolodziejski
Joseph McDevitt
Thomas W. Phillips
John T. Stevenson


James B. Boyle
William J. Conley
Charles W. Coyle
William J. DeLaurentis
Patrick J. Dever
Aloysius F. Dougherty
William E. Hagerty


Robert Melhuish
Emmett J. Ryan
George A. Steigerwald


Francis J. Davenport




William J. Brennan


Charles M. Klein


William T. Gould
Harry B. Loy



Robert B. Appel


Frank A. Johnson
Thomas J. Schimpf


Maurice T. Cleary
Charles D. Hogue


Robert J. Evans


John F. McGovern


Daniel C. Bianco
Joseph M. Lynch
Joseph J. Sweeney


Bernard F. Sevier
E. George West


William J. Brennan
Joseph S. Oaks
Christian J. Spoerl
John W. Toland


Stanley A. Gogoj
John L. Sullivan
Stephen C. Walter


James R. Grove
Joseph J. Leszczynski
Charles P. Schwind
Charles T. Tait


John F. Dunne



James F. McCafferty


William P. Coll
Joseph M. Gorman


Joseph J. Crawford


Ronald D. Briggs
William D. McCuen
George D. Speece
Robert V. Stever


William A. Kuprevich
Leonard S. Pelullo


Richard J. Conlin
Michael P. Rymarczuk


Joseph J. Nitka
Louis W. Potempa
William M. Riley
Albert C. Wall, Jr.


Lawrence A. Branigan
Anthony J. Metzger
Joseph T. Monaghan
Thomas F. Nilan
George J. Reed, Jr.
Joseph F. Schimpf
Patrick J. Thiroway, Jr.


Anthony F. Citrigno
Edward J. Kapusta
Robert T. Koehler


Dennis Donovan
William T. Findlay


John R. Feeser




Michael J. Strange


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Sergeant John J. McVeigh, '39

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Outstanding Achievement Award

     This award was created in 1960 to honor a non-alumnus individual or organization who made a significant contribution in a given field.  It is presented at our annual Communion Breakfast.


Congresswoman Kathryn M. Granahan
Donald Barnhouse, WCAU-TV News
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
U. S. Senator Hugh Scott
Philadelphia Police Captain Clarence Ferguson
Vince Leonard, KYW-TV News
Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Dr. Herbert S. Denenberg
Philadelphia District Attorney Arlen Specter
Rolfe Neill, Editor, Philadelphia Daily News
Richard Sprague, Esq., Special Prosecutor
Barney Morris, WCAU-TV News
Tom Fox, Columnist, Philadelphia Inquirer
U. S. Attorney David Marston, Esq.
U. S. Senator Joseph Biden
Philadelphia Police Commissioner Joseph O'Neill
Larry Kane, WCAU-TV News
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice James T. McDermott
U. S. Senator John Heinz
Pat Polillo, KYW-TV News
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert N. C. Nix, Jr.
Philadelphia District Attorney Ronald D. Castille
Congressman Robert Borski
Philadelphia Councilman W. Thatcher Longstreth
Thomas Brookshier, CBS Sportscaster
Brother Patrick Ellis, FSC, LaSalle University President
Pennsylvania Governor Robert P. Casey
U. S. Armed Forces - Operation Desert Storm
Bill "Speedy" Morris, LaSalle University Basketball Coach
Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham
Walt Hunter, KYW-TV News
Philadelphia City Controller Jonathan Saidel
Philadelphia Councilwoman Joan Krajewski
David R. Boldt, Columnist, Philadelphia Inquirer
Ray Didinger, Philadelphia Inquirer Sports Columnist
Marc Howard, Channel 6-TV News
Philadelphia Police Commissioner John F. Timoney
Michael Smerconish, Esq., Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist
Philadelphia Archdiocesan Vicar for Education Dr. Richard McCarron, Jr.
Bill Campbell, Sports Broadcaster and Columnist
Former Pennsylvania Governor Mark Schweiker
Former Philadelphia Eagle Vince Papale
U. S. Attorney Patrick Meehan, Esq.
Don Tollefson, Sports Broadcaster
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery
Oblates of St. Francis deSales
Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey
Frank Fitzpatrick, Inquirer Sports Columnist
Dom Giordano, WPHT Radio Talk Show Host
Vai Sikahema, NBC10 Sports Director
Sam Katz, Film & TV Documentarian
Matt Rhule, Temple University Football Coach
Former U. S. Congressman Michael G. Fitzpatrick
C. R. "Chuck" Pennoni, Chairman Pennoni Associates
Christine Flowers, Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist

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Hall of Fame

     Created by the School and the Association in 1989 to honor individuals that had brought fame and distinction to the school and themselves by their actions in certain disciplines.  Until school closed the inductees were honored at ceremonies held at NECHS.  Since 2010, the recipients are inducted at the Association's Communion Breakfast.  A select committee consisting of the President, Executive Secretary, and Chaplain of the Association, along with four members - two from the Board of Governors and two active members of the Association - appointed by the President review the nominations submitted by the public and make the final decision.






Service to NECHS/

1989 Bil
Keane, '40
John H.
Mallon, '29
Francis J. "Tim" Dunleavy, '32 M. Rev. Edward J.
Schlotterback, OSFS, '30
Robert A.
Crout, '58
1990 John F.
Whitaker, '41
Francis X.
Reagan, '37
Wendell W.
Young III, '56
Albert E.
Welsh, MD, '32
Joseph F.
Kilroy, '65
1991 Vincent J.
Trombetta, '58
Joseph T.
Verdeur, '44
Joseph J. Donahue, '31 Thomas J.
Cullen, '69
Leonard F.
Knobbs, '53
1992 Jay J.
Dugan, '36
Frank J.
Hoerst, '35
Peter P.
Gallagher, '37
Rev. Edward J.
Simons, OSFS, '34
Joseph C.
McCloskey, '37
1993 George W.
Sommer, '36
Frank J. "Bucko"
Kilroy, '39
John J.
McVeigh, '39
John D.
Mahan, '69
Joseph E. McKeown, '33
1994 William P.
Plumley, '54
John J.
Gillespie, '35
Lt. Gen. Thomas W. Kelly, USA, '50 J. Richard
White, '46
Paul D.
Quinn, '36
1995 Jesse D.
Cain, '44
Robert J.
McNeill, '56
John J.
Marquess, Esq. '67
John E.
Murray, SJD, '50
Francis X. Dougherty, '59
1996 Gerald B.
Buckley, '50
Bernard J.
McLaughlin, '46
Martin J.
McCormick, '52
Rev. John J.
Conmy, OSFS, '29
Robert P.
O'Neill, '65
1997 Joseph F.
Flubacher, PhD, '31
Walter M.
Masterson, '38
Armond F.
Gentile, '52
Rev. Richard T.
Reece, OSFS, '54
Hon. James R.
Cavanaugh, '49
1998 Rev. Gerard J.
OSFS, '47
John J.
Quinn, '52
Maj. Gen. Joseph V. McLernan, USMC, '45 Rev. David I.
Hagan, OSFS, '56
Francis J.
Gleason, '53
1999 Frank J.
Dougherty, '59
James R.
Walsh, '53
Michael J. McKenna, '52 Bernard C.
Sekula, PhD, '69
Francis J.
Byrne, '65
2000 Robert H. Fitzsimmons, '53 Barry D.
Brodzinski, '73
Martin J. Maddaloni, '57 M. Rev. Martin N.
Lohmuller, DD, JCD, '37
John T. "Herb"
Smith, '46
2001 James V.
Amadie, '54
Edward P.
Geisz, '42
Erwin T.
Straw , '46
Oliver G.
Ludwig, PhD, '53
Lawrence P.
Conti, '63
2002 John R.
Doman, '62
Henry R. "Hank"
Siemiontkowski, '68
Capt. Thomas W. Kelley, OSFS, USN, '41 Edmund F.
Gordon, '64
Joseph L.
Zazyczny, '53
2003 Kenneth W.
Milano, '77
Joseph F.
Kadlec, '62
James A.
Williams, '68
Michael E.
Pietrzak, '67
John T.
Musial, '63
2004 Gerard J.
Jonas, '49
Michael F.
Fallon, '48
Louis J.
Sigmund, '50
Charles J.
Wolf, MD, '61
John J.
Taylor, '73
2005 Thomas J.
Smith, '66
Dennis R.
Seddon, '67
Carl F.
Gregory, '51
Rev. Neil F.
Kilty, OSFS, '59
Joseph P.
Hand, '54
2006 John S.
Grady, '55
Donald J.
D'Ambra, '90
James J.
Avery, '69
Michael S.
Shetzline, MD, PhD, '77
Edward J.
Lowry, '62
2007 James E.
Arnosky, '64
James A.
Gallagher, '47
James E.
Dugan, '63
Rev. John J.
OSFS, '37
Vincent E.
Furlong, '50
2008 James E.
Dougherty, PhD, '41
Gerard J.
Brindisi, '74
John T.
Fries, '61
James A.
Padova, MD, '56
Edward J.
White, '55
2009 Thomas P.
Forkin, Sr., '52
James C.
Hueber, '66
Steven J. McCaffrey, '81 Edward F.
McClay, MD, '67
Paul J.
Hondros, '66
2010 Ernest F.
Koschineg, '61
Robert J. Wheeler, '67 Joseph F. Petaccio, Jr., '59 Rev. George S.
OSFS, '66
James P.
Meehan, '67
2011   Michael P. McDevitt, '82 Hon. John R.
Padova, '52
Rev. Francis W. Collins, MM, '38 John R.
Hanejko, '65
2012 Edward A.
Turzanski, '77
      Francis J.
Fedele, '64
2013 Stanley R.
Witalec, '66
Laurence L.
Sullivan, '66
Timothy G.
O'Shaughnessy, '81
V. Rev. Edward M. Dougherty, MM, '67 Stephen A.
Cardullo, '72
2014 Reynold J.
Levocz, '59
Thomas J.
Gilmore, '82
Vincent A.
Panvini, '65
Samuel P.
DeBow, '71
William F.
Coyle, Esq., '56
2015 Thomas A.
Razzano, '65
James P.
Savage, Jr., '92
Cosmo T.
DeNicola, '72
Rev. Joseph T.
Muller, MSC, '49
Hon. Gerard A.
Kosinski, '72
2016 Thomas H. Windfelder, '68 James V.
Gavaghan, '54
Joseph J.
Ashton, '66
Lester A.
DO, '66
John L.
McCloskey, '38
2017 David
Livewell, '85
Alvarez, '01
Edward F.
McCauley, '57
Abbot Edmund M.
Boyce, OSB, '55
Thomas P.
Morgan, '64
2018 Leo D.
Trombetta, '69
Patrick D.
Morris, '95
Vincent J.
Market, '81
Joseph R.
Vaisnys, PhD, '52
Robert B.
Devine, '73
2019 Joseph R.
Marbach, PhD, '79
Michael P. McCarron, '84 Gregory J.
Blazic, '64
William J.
Welsh, PhD, '65
Patrick J.
Boyle, '49
2020 Francis J.
Ryan, PhD, '65
Joseph J.
Ramsey, '70
Joseph J.
Gordon, '67
  Michael J.
McBride, '81

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